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Scratch cover for the BOHO scratch barrel

Scratch cover for the BOHO scratch barrel

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Needle felt scratch cover



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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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Replacement scratch cover for the BOHO scratch barrel.

If the outer shell of the BOHO scratch barrel has been worked on with devotion, we will be happy to deliver a new housing for further passionate scratch attacks. The BOHO cat house shines in new splendor and only the necessary wearing parts (outer scratch cover) have to be disposed of. All other components like the pillow, the wooden stiffeners are still used. Sustainability at its best!

Scratch cover (wrapping) for the BOHO scratch barrel
Material: durable needle felt
Material samples for the scratch cover of the scratch barrel BOHO on request.

Hair is best removed with the upholstery brush of the vacuum cleaner.