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Furniture for cats and dogs.

In search of a durable and beautiful pet furniture for our cat Mrs. Schmitt, we, two product designers, unfortunately did not find what we were looking for. Without further ado, we decided to design the suitable product ourselves and built prototypes. The result of our work convinced us and Mrs. Schmitt so much that we founded the company pet-interiors to market the created high quality and healthy design furniture ourselves. At the beginning we focused on cat baskets, but because of the great success we expanded the collection after two years to include dog beds.

Already because of our training we attach great importance to design, but also to durable and sustainable products. Long-lasting means for us that dogs and cats still lie optimally on our design furniture after years and that they are attractive for humans. Sustainable means that the products can be used for a very long time, with constant good quality, so they are highly reliable, but also sustainably manufactured. In addition, we also find it important that individual components, such as covers, can still be purchased years later. The basis for our design is a strong commitment to quality and usability.

With all the design claims, of course, the benefit and ergonomics for the animals must be in the foreground. That is why all dog beds and cat cushions are equipped with an ergonomic, high-quality latex filling or with orthopedic, viscoelastic foam. Both fillings optimally reproduce the individual body shape of the animals and the excellent point elasticity ensures that there is no pressure load on the spine and intervertebral discs. The latex filling was specially developed for pet-interiors and optimized for the lying behavior of dogs and cats.

Our claim is that people and animals enjoy our pet beds for a very long time. Therefore, we produce all products by hand and with great attention to detail. We use almost exclusively regional materials, such as hard-wearing felt made of 100% virgin wool, durable semi-aniline leather from cattle or indestructible artificial leather. The latex filling for the animal pillows and the viscoelastic mattresses of our dog beds come from a large manufacturer of human mattresses from Bavaria, with no difference in quality of material between human and animal. Only the leather and fabrics (selected by the animals themselves in long series of tests) we buy for our pet beds in Italy.

Whether you prefer the perfectly shaped cat baskets or high-quality, healthy dog beds, this design furniture from pet.interiors integrates perfectly into your ambience. Animal well-being combined with human design standards, in short cat beds that make the heart of woman/man and pet beat faster, you can order here conveniently online.