Sleeping bag for cats Divan DUE

Sleeping bag for cats Divan DUE

Sleeping bag for cats - snuggle time for all!

Divan Due is the perfect place to hide and to take a little nap. All day long your cat can snuggle in the deep fold of the sleeping bag for cats.

Cat cushion Divan UNO

Cat cushion Divan UNO

Cat cushion with outstanding comfort - snuggle time for all!

Simple and beautiful: the comfortable DIVAN sleeping place magically attracts your darling. Some of our customers suspect us of using cat magnets in them.

Cat cushion bed Divan QUATTRO

Cat cushion bed Divan QUATTRO

Greetings from Mondrian: cat cushion bed in harmonious colors.

The DIVAN Quattro cat bed indicates classical elegance with extraordinary comfort. This cat cushion has a high-quality latex filling.

Washable cat cushion Lounge UNI

Washable cat cushion Lounge UNI

Washable cat cushion to fall in love with!

Our Lounge pet cushion combines quality, durability and perfect lying comfort. The stitched chambers inside the cat bed prevent the displacement of the high quality filling.

Round cat cushion Lounge ROSE

Round cat cushion Lounge ROSE

Bed of roses - a very unique round cat bed!

Lay your cat on a bed of roses! This modern cat bed is both a masterpiece of comfort and a statement piece for your space.


What is the best cat cushion?

We have the same great selection of cat and dog cushion. You can choose between the two cushion variants DIVAN & LOUNGE. The inside processing is complete different, but the high-end Latexfilling is the same. This latex filling is very loved by cats, some of our customers suspected that we used cat magnets>

DIVAN cat cushion

The DIVAN cushion is filled with loosely latex flakes. This filling is ideal to build a nest and to snuggle in. It is filled in a way that make it impossible for the cat to come down to the floor.

LOUNGE cat cushion

If your cat likes the lying surface rather straight and a little harder, the LOUNGE cushion is ideal. These cushions are pervaded by chambers that keep the latex filling in place. The comfortable height of 12 cm make it for your cat impossible to feel the floor.

The ideal cat cushion for your beloved cat.

After an exciting day of hunting mice in the garden or playing together on the sofa, your cat will enjoy taking a restful nap. On average, an adult cat sleeps between 12 and 16 hours per day - twice as much as humans. It is therefore very important to offer your furry friend a healthy and ergonomic place to sleep. Our high-quality latex cat pillows have been specially developed to optimally reflect your cat's individual body shape and thus avoid pressure on the intervertebral discs and spine. In this way, your cat can get the restful sleep it needs to regenerate - a blessing for your pet.

Where should the perfect place for your new favorite pillow be?

Some cats prefer a hidden spot in a cave to relax, while others prefer to have everything in view. Some people like to sleep high up, while others feel safer on the ground. Some always look for heat near the heater or in sunny places; others, however, prefer cool places to rest. It is therefore advisable to first carefully observe where your four-legged friend likes to relax and rest: this will make it easy to choose the ideal place for the new cushion.

How big should the optimal cat pillow be?

As a rule, cats like to curl up and curl up to rest - round or square formats like our DIVAN cat pillow are particularly suitable here. However, if your pet prefers to lie stretched out while sleeping, then our rectangular DIVAN pillow could also be suitable. The decision between DIVAN and LOUNGE pillows also depends on your animal's preferences: Both versions offer our first-class latex filling; However, they differ in their different interior design.

How can you keep the cozy place clean?

Cats are known to be very clean animals and attach great importance to cleanliness - this is demonstrated by their tendency to be the first to take freshly made beds! To ensure that your new favorite piece doesn't turn into a bacteria-spinner, our modular covers can be easily washed at 40° (also suitable for tumble drying). The inner cushion with the latex filling can also be cleaned easily - even with a higher spin cycle, the filling remains intact! In addition, replacement covers can be ordered at any time and special incontinence covers can be attached if necessary.

Personalized embroidery is possible!

We would be happy to embroider your furry friend's name both on the pillow edges and, if possible, directly into the bed itself - just let us know when you purchase!

Environmentally friendly production made in Germany.

All of our products are made exclusively on site in our factory in Upper Franconia near Lichtenfels/Coburg - this is where upholstered furniture tradition has always had its main base, not far from all the necessary supply industries within a radius of just 50km! This not only enables us to make product adjustments as quickly as possible, but also allows us to provide individually tailored solutions according to customer requirements as well as repair work of any kind.

By the way:
Most commercially available dog beds etc. come from Asia or China these days - including all those "harmful" chemicals/pesticides that have to be used there to combat high humidity/mold formation... a circumstance that is completely alien to our products!