A picture says more than thousand words. That's what we are right with our product philosophy show the countless images that were sent to us by satisfied customers. They show the lucky four-legged friends in their respective cat baskets and dog beds.


Cat bed COSMO, buffalo leather brown, cushion velours cream

Thank you very much for the great product! Our Mainecoon cat Donny is very picky when it comes to baskets and only accepts most of them after two years of standing around in the apartment. He just accepted this basket straight away, cleaned himself in it and took a nap straight away. We are definitely both thrilled, especially since the design of the basket fits our furniture perfectly. Just great - thank you very much.

Malou & Sari

Dog bed CUBE, real leather brown, 126 x 90 cm

The Cube bed is now entering the 3rd Ridgeback generation. The two girls, Malou on the left and little Sari on the right, took over the cube bed from Akimba (first resident) and Jala, who crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday. All of their pillows are still so beautiful after many years that the two of them can now continue to use them. Their products are genuine workmanship and very sustainable, as they say today. I am always happy to provide a reference.


Dog basket BLOOM, size ø 70cm, velours medium grey

I'm so happy about the bed. Cookie doesn't even go out anymore.

Male cat

Cat basket SIRO Saleen ø 90 cm with cotton cushion

Our male cat is very happy and purrs happily :-)


orthopedic dog cushion DIVAN Uno, incl. head pillow

After his knee surgery, Manou became a bit of a "prince and the pea" and preferred to lie on a double layer of pillows :-)


Orthopedic dog cushion Divan with embroidered name

Thank you very much for the lovely new dog bed. Manou loves your beds and has now also got a DIVAN cushion for his new box.


Dog cushion LOUNGE Rose creme/medium grey, ø 55 cm

Thank you for the loving workmanship, we and Mimi are very happy with the pillow. I would be happy to order from you again.


Dog cushion Lounge in buffalo leather mokka 90 x 110 cm

Kindest regards from Sven's favorite place and have a nice Christmas time!

Pudel Momo & Fleur

ARENA dog basket felt cream, cushion fleece pea green, size 85 x 75 cm

In the meantime, Fleur has also moved in with us. When the big dog basket arrived, Momo took turns living in both. So it had to be divided up again after Fleur moved in... Today, Fleur sleeps in the green basket at night as long as she can still fit in it, and both poodles use both “beds” during the day. Momo and Fleur are very happy! Here is a picture of Momo and Fleur in the "double bed"!

Poodle Momo

ARENA dog basket felt pea green, cushion cotton dark brown, size 65 x75 cm

As announced, here is our Momo, who is very comfortable in his dog basket:-). Momo is a boy, his name is a bit confusing because his real name is Jacomo. But because he is black and just a Momo, we call him Momo :-) Momo is already 13 years old, but still lively and healthy. We're very happy about that.


Cat bed RONDO faux leather black, cushion cotton medium grey

The cat bed is the favorite place of our cat Nala. The cat bed arrived safely at our home. It is beautiful and very well made. As you can see from the photos, it is often used.

German Shepherd Ares

Dog cushion buffalo leather anthracite, 90 x 110 cm

Sunday in Bed for our German Shepherd Ares, like the newly elected White House dog. The spot he loved from day one is his super comfy Buffalo Leather Daybed. If he’s gone, be sure you’ll find him there!

German Shepherd Rex

German Shepherd Rex

Dog cushion DIVAN Cinque pea green/creme, 80 x 100 cm

Our Rex loves your dog pillow very much.

Wire-hair miniature dachshund Poldi

Dog basket BOWL felt cream, cushion medium brown, 55 x 70 cm

We are very enthusiastic about your dog beds. Our Poldi (miniature wire-haired dachshund 9 weeks) likes to sleep in his basket and on his pillow. Here is a picture of Poldi in the basket. I have to do one more picture of the pillow, Poldi looks a bit lost here. We meant it very well with the size :-).

Boxer Reggae

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in fleece red, 100 x 120 cm

The Divan dog cushion with the head pillow is great and got here very quickly. Our little boxer lady „Vrouw Reggae from Blaustein-See“ is very satisfied.


Dog basket MILA in faux leather white, zipper grey, ø 90 cm

It didn't take long before Louis accepted his great new dog bed. He's been sleeping in his dog basket most of the night now. He feels very good on the orthopedic pillows.


Dog cushion Lounge Buffalo with head pillow, 70 x 90 cm

Jule thinks her new dog bed is fantastic.


Dog bed DIVAN Uno 100 x 120 cm, Cover in Fleece dark brown

I recently ordered a replacement cover from you for the fantastic dog pillow DIVAN. Jamala loves it!


Cat basket COSMO leather cream, cushion cotton cream

The cat bed for our Camie arrived today. She accepted it right away.

Lagotto Alfred

Dog mattress PAUL 70 x 90 cm, faux leather grey, blanket red

Alfred says thanks to “Santa” for his new bed. He loves it. Now he has lovely beds on both floors. Happy Lagotto.


Dog cushion with head pillow DIVAN Quattro 80 x 100 cm

The pet bed arrived in good time and we are very pleased with our purchase from you. Our new addition to the family, a mixed breed rescue dog named Moira, is enjoying it very much as you can see.


Cat bed COSMO leather black, cushion cotton medium brown

So, and now pictures of the MILA cat basket as delivered today with a stand. Looks sooo great!


Custom made cat bed BOWL felt low, cushion cotton, 55 x 70 cm

The low cat basket has now become her preferred sleeping place, the higher one she only uses, when she wants to stay private. In this respect, both are in use. Who would have thought that?


Cat bed POET with latex cushion, cover out of velour

I really enjoy the cat beds, they look really nice!


Cat basket BOWL in felt anthracite, cushion velour medium grey

My two cats love the cat baskets and use them diligently:-)

French Bulldog Gino

Dog basket MILA in faux laeather black, ø 90 cm

My French Bulldog Gino really likes the new kennel.


Dog cushion LOUNGE Uni, velour bordeaux, 70 x 90 cm

The dog bed arrived! It is stupendous!

Golden Retriever Time

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in fleece medium grey, 100 x 120 cm

All my animals love your dog beds. For me they are the best. Greetings from the Netherlands.


Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro 80 x 100 cm with head pillow

Paddy still has to get used to the new dog bed a bit, because he likes to bite into the fluffy pillows ... But it's going quite well :-) I find the dog cushion super comfortable and optically just beautiful and of course it's great that i can change the covers.


Cat basket BOWL in leather cream, cushion fleece cream

Male cat Felipe is satisfied with his new cat bed:-)


Dog bed DIVAN Due light grey/medium grey

Today we received the cuddly dog pillow. We are excited! Our Jacky loves her new bed from the first moment.

Lagotto Alfred

Dog cushion Lounge Buffalo in black with head pillow

Alfred the Lagotto is very happy for his very nice dog bed.


Cat bed CREDO in felt with cushion cover in cotton light grey

The cat bed arrived safely yesterday, thank you for the nice customer service. Here is the first photo of our cat Finchen in one of her new cuddly beds!


Cat bed POET with cushion in cotton medium brown

Our male cat Campino was skeptical at first, but then satisfied. The cat furniture fits very well in our living room!



Dog basket NOOK felt and cushion fleece

light grey

Samy loves his cosy dog bed!


Dog bed DIVAN Uno in cotton light grey, 100 x 120 cm

Finlay was very happy to accept the dog pillow!


Dog basket SIRO Twist with cushion in medium grey

French bulldog Scarlett feels very comfortable in the new SIRO dog bed :-)


Cat basket BOWL felt red, cushion cotton cream, 55 x 70 cm

The cat bed was well received and really VERY beautiful, an eye catcher of high quality and made with love, thank you very much. The first tentative attempts to take possession have already been made, with the old bed next to it.


Dog basket Arena felt anthracite, cushion light grey, 85 x 75 cm

Rey is happy and satisfied in his new dog bed!

Male cat

Cat basket ARENA felt, cushion fleece medium grey, 65 x 55 cm

… and finally, the cat basket has a new owner:-) Thank you for the your patience, it took a while until the new cat bed was accepted!


RONDO cat house, white leather, cushion fleece light grey

Sissi feel very comfortable in her new cat house.

Little male cat Pepper

RONDO cat cave, felt anthracite, cushion velour light grey

Little male cat Pepper has already try out his new cat home. Even our old cat shows (moderate) interest in the cat house:-)


Dog cushion with blanket DIVAN Due, 80 x 100 cm

Your new dog bed has hit like a bomb! When it was unpacked, it was still half in the foile, when it was already occupied by our Nino. At noon and in the evening he went to bed alone, even though the bedroom is one floor higher. From the beginning, after breakfast and in the afternoon, he goes up the stairs and takes a nap. I always have to keep the bedroom door open.
He loves his new dog bed.

Cat & Dog

Memory foam pet mattress MARY for cat and dog 90 x 110 cm

Thank you for the great pet mattress, our animals accepted it well. And it's good that we took the bigger matt - so there is enough space for dog and cat at the same time:-)

Siamese cat Heidi

Cat cushion LOUNGE ø 70 cm, embroidered with name

Thank you for the great cat bed for Heidi.

Siamese cat

2 x cat caves RONDO Wall in felt with scratching cover

The two Rondos are newly equipped with a scratch cover. After over four years, the cat beds still look great!

Lagotto Lotta

Memory foam dog mattress PAUL, size 70 x 90 cm

Thank you for this wonderful product. The dog mat looks super chic and our Lagotto female dog took a seat directly on it. Thank you very much for your great service and fast delivery.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in cotton light grey, 80 x 100 cm

Satisfied Olga on her dog pillow.

Belgian Malinois Dozer

Dog cushion with head pillow, buffalo leather, 90 x 110 cm

It’s rainy today and the view is not as nice because you can’t see the blue water but nevertheless thought I send this as dozer seems to really enjoy his cozy bed.

Norwegian Forest Cat Ida & Idefix

Cat scratcher design, Rondo Stand leather

Ida is the owner of the cave, which she demonstrate by lying comfortable inside the cat cave on her back. Idefix usually lies or stands on the cave to vibrates it by shifting its weight. It looks very funny and the inside lying Ida loves it. Yesterday I fixed the new scratch cover around the cat furniture and to celebrate the day, Ida even let Idefix into her cave :-)

Border Collie Funny

Dog mattress Mary with cotton cover in dark brown, 70 x 90 cm

The mattress is perfect, our expectations were far exceeded. Funny immediately sniffed it and tried the dog mat. The joy is great!



LOUNGE Boy dog cushion, cotton dark brown, with head pillow

Thank you very much for the reliability, it is a excellent product, really appreciated by Oliver! Yes of course you can show the picture, Oliver would be happy! I am really satisfied, the cushion keep their promise and I congratulate you! It is possible, i will order another dog bed in the future. Thank you very much and congratulations!

Happy Cats

Cat cave Rondo Stand in cream felt

Even after a few weeks, our RONDO cat bed is very popular with both cats.


Cat basket BOWL out of Buffalo leather, customized size 37 x 28 cm

The cat basket arrived and the perfect place is found. The Bowl cat bed is very comfortable und Merengue is very happy with it. I am not surprised because she decided by herself, which leather we have to take.


Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro 80 x 100 cm

My dogs still love the pillows and we too. This is Senna and she is very happy with the dog pillow.


Dog bed LOUNGE Uni with head pillow in velour dark brown, 70 x 90 cm

Many thanks for this excellent dog cushion, the perfect service and the great workmanship.

Pitbull Cola

Dog cushion LOUNGE Uni fleece cream, 100 x 120 cm

My dog is happy:-)



Dog bed DIVAN Cinque pea green/cream 100 x 120 cm

The great association Tierhilfe Lebenswert in Lühnen, takes good care of Albus, a dog rescued from Romania. Due to his many illnesses, he is no longer able mediated and is now enjoying his old age. In order to make his last months as comfortable as possible, one of our customers ordered the Divan dog bed for him. We think this is a very great and generous gesture. Thanks for drawing attention to this fantastic organisation.

More to Tierhilfe Lebenswert:


Dog bed DIVAN Quattro 100 x 120 cm

We received the dog pillows. We are so happy and the dogs also. 


Dog bed LOUNGE 90 x 110 cm with head pillow

My Lusi with her new dog bed.


Cat bed NOOK in felt anthracite, cushion fleece light grey

At the moment is the cat basket more a playground than a sleeping place, but the colours match perfect:-)

Toyger Liese

Cat cave RONDO Stand in felt anthracite, cushion pea green

It took a while until our "Diva" Liese dared to join the amazing cat cave. About taste can not be argued:-) The RONDO is certainly not cheap, but it's worth every penny. 1A design with wonderful workmanship of 1A materials. I am very thrilled!

Toyger Liese

Cat cushion LOUNGE in cotton light grey, ø 55 cm

This time it didn't take that long time until Lise use the new cat bed… it seems she like the new cushion:-)


Dog bed DIVAN Uno with customized embroidery

Golden Retriever Dalida is happy with her new dog bed!


Dog cushion LOUNGE Uni custom size 135 x 85 cm

The dog bed has arrived well and is already eagerly used. It is very nice! Right after unpacking Yellow accepted it and has taken it as "mine". In his "retreat corner" everything fits and he sleep very well!


Dog bed DIVAN Due 65 x 80 cm

Thank you for the beautiful dog cushion and the nice card.
Pico love it!

Laxi & Lohlen

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno 100 x 100 cm

Thank you for the quick delivery. Meanwhile, this is the second dog pillow and I am still very satisfied and my dogs too. Yesterday both just wanted to lie on the new dog bed, today the situation is more relaxed :)


Cuddle dog bed DIVAN Due, 80 x 100 cm

The DIVAN Due dog cushion arrived! Maybe a little small but very comfortable!


Cat cushion DIVAN Due

Finally, the cuddle cushion is also used by Verdi, he makes himself comfortable despite the hot temperatures.


DIVAN Due cuddle bag for cats

Our male cat Pepe loves to cuddle on his new pillow.

Happy "kiwi" cat

Cat house RONDO Stand in black leather

You see a happy „kiwi“ cat:-) Thank you for your amazing service!

Maine Coon male cat

Cat cushion LOUNGE Uni ø 70 cm

The LOUNGE cat pillow looks really great, we and our Maine Coon cat are very happy:-)


Dog bed DIVAN Due with blanket 80 x 100 cm

I am very satisfied with the dog cushion, I would prefer to have a custom-made for myself in 180 x 200 cm :-)

Cocker Spaniel Pamuk

Orthopedic dog bed DIVAN Uno with head pillow

Pamuk, our 22-week old cocker spaniel puppy had already inherited the Divan which once belonged to our former dog Lottie. so he told us he wanted another one. And we obeyed. Like any puppy, the first thing he did once I had placed it in its location, was to try and demolish it. After some time, he snuggled up alongside it, and within half an hour he was on it. Now he loves it as much as his other bed. Please accept our thanks for yet another speedy delivery and excellent product.

French Bulldog

Dog bed BOWL in faux leather 70 x 90 cm

The dog basket BOWL out of imitation leather is very beautiful and it fits perfectly with our dining chairs :-)
The dog mattress Paul is particularly suitable for our older bulldog as a nice place to sleep. Thank you again for your commitment - two little French Bulldogs and mum are happy.

Siamese cat Dafne

Cat cushion LOUNGE with embroidered name, size ø 55 cm

The pillow is beautiful, Dafne loves it :-) The cat bed has already become part of the facility, because Dafne can not be without it. The photos show how comfortable our little princess feels. Thank you also for the felt cat toys, Dafne loves to play with it. Until the next purchase!

Domestic cat Uschi

Cat cave MOOD in felt and cushion cream

Greetings from our satisfied Uschi! The cat house has already passed several stress tests. Our little kitten has already slept in it, so everybody is happy!

Tomcat Dior

Tomcat Dior

Cat house UOVO white with a cushion in fleece medium grey

Dior on his favorite spot (in summer he does not like the lid of the cat house, probably because it heats up too much in the sun ..)

I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with your product, I really like the workmanship and my little four-legged friend stays really there a lot, he really love the pillow. I noticed today that so much "sense" is in the pillow and it promotes healthy lying rather than hinders. And of course I like that as a cat mom - so: a big compliment and keep it up, I'm looking forward to the new version, this time in black.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Eazy

Customized DIVAN Due dog cushion in cotton canvas 100 x 120 cm

The dog bed has arrived. My Ridgeback Easy made herself comfortable and cuddles in the cushion. The cotton canvas is super soft.
Thank you for the good service and the fast delivery.

Basenji Bella

DIVAN Due dog bed with blanket, 80 x 100 cm

Thanks for the dog bed for our Basenji called Bella. Here the reaction, as soon i showed her the new cushion:-)

Pudelpointer Amy

Customized LOUNGE dog cushion 120 x 95 cm in fleece graphite

This is what a satisfied and happy Pudelpointer lady called "Amy" looks like, which is allowed to sleep in a dog bed from pet-interiors. It is the highest quality, fluffiest and most beautiful pillow we have ever bought. Keep it up! Thank you again for the nice conversations and your efforts, that our Amy gets her new dog pillow as soon as possible.

Birma cat Gigi

Cat bed MILA on Rondo standbase, customized

I love the cat basket visually very well - fits perfectly. I'm blown away! Looks very comfortable. Hurray ... Gigi finally dared to do it - after 3 days. Gigi tested it and yes, very comfortable. Only my boys are still skeptical - but own guilt - then they miss something :-)

Cat Dior

Cat house RONDO Crochet, cushion violet

Dior is happy with the new cat house.

Balinese cats Merengue und Auroa

Cat bed BOWL leather creme, cushion creme 70 x 70 cm

The two Balinese love their cat bed!

Nina & Tea

Dog cushion DIVAN Due graphite/light grey

We released the two cute Whippets before, but we have to show this picture!

Golden Retriever Gea

Dog cushion Lounge Buffalo with head pillow

The new dog bed arrived. It is beautiful and very comfortable. Gea sleeps very well and rest easy. Thank you very much!


MILA dog bed out of leather

Happy Alfie!


Cat cushion DIVAN Due in cream/dark brown, 65 x 80 cm

I wanted to thank you for the great pillow for our cat Tiger. He has it in his heart from the first second. The cat bed is of excellent quality and the embroidered name looks wonderful.

Thank you and we will gladly recommend you.

Mr. Emil

Dog bed DIVAN Due graphite/light grey, 80 x 100 cm

Mr. Emil finds his new dog bed very comfortable and slept very well and this night not in bed with mum. :)


Cat basket LIDO in felt cream, cushion fleece cream

Dafne loves her new cat bed. Congratulations for the excellent quality and the timely delivery.

Iyazu, Jumani & Mazulu

Dog bed DIVAN Uno in cotton light grey with head pillow

The dog pillows have arrived and they immediately lay down on it.



Cat bed DIVAN Cinque, medium grey/violet, 60 x 60 cm

Many thanks for your wonderful cat pillow. We can see and feel that everything is done with passion. Thank you very much! Here lies Rosie and feel very good:-)

Bengal cat Weena

Cat basket BOWL leather black, cushion violett, 70 x 90 cm

Here is the first photo: the "smallest cat in the largest bed." Be curious about the "biggest cat in the smallest bed" :-)

Pitbull Cola

Dog basket BOWL in white leather, 70 x 90 cm

Our little Cola is a huge sweetheart (Pitbull 4 years) and I think she enjoys her dog basket very much :-)

Chartreux Sissi

Cat cave RONDO Stand in leather white, cushion medium grey

My cat Sissi is happy. She looks a bit serious at the photos, she feels really comfortable in her new designer bed.

Grandpa Fitz

Grandpa Fitz

Dog cushion Divan CINQUE graphite/red, 80 x 100 cm

The dog cushion arrived yesterday and it is - as expected - great. For a few days there were already outraged looks: 3 dogs, but only 2 beautiful pillows (from your company). The little Grandpa Fitz is simply moved in too fast, he had to content a ordinary blanket for several nights. He accept and assimilated his new dog pillow yesterday immediately. I'll add a few photos to you, the dog hair on the pillows clearly shows that they are used and not just draped as a decoration for "beautiful living" :-)


Dog bed DIVAN Uno 80 x 100 cm in red

The dog pillow arrived and we love it! Many thanks for this nice product. Greetings von Sky and Morisot!

Rottweiler Hagen

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno 100 x 120 cm

I can only emphasize again that the quality is very very good. I wash both pillow covers of the dog cushion (bedroom and living room) at least once a week, as Hagen likes to devour a neck of a goose or a bovine ear on his pillow and makes a lot of mess ;-) All five covers, the three in fleece and the two in cotton are in like new after a many, many times washing.

Rottweiler Hagen

Dog bed DIVAN Uno 100 x 120 cm

Our Rottweiler Hagen is now one year old and feels still comfortable on the great dog cushion. The condition of the dog bed is perfect even after a year of "constant stress" (biting, dragging, pulling, pawing …).

Nina & Tea

Customized dog cushion DIVAN Due in cotton canvas 65 x 80 cm

Thank you for making us the covers in cotton for the dog pillow. May we introduce Nina and Tea?



Dog cushion LOUNGE Eddy in faux leather white, 90 x 110 cm

The dog cushion arrived on Wednesday and convinces us in terms of quality and design. Stella has taken possession of the dog bed with pleasure and enjoys her extensive rest. With a damp cloth and a hand brush, dirt and hair are removed in no time - Style and easy care meet here perfectly, so dog and owner are very satisfied! Here is a picture showing Stella proudly in her dog bed.


Dog bed DIVAN Uno 80 x 100 cm with head pillow

Thank you for the perfect service. Here Morisot lie on Sky's dog bed. She is the little sister of Sky, three months old and is now waiting for her own red dog pillow.


Two happy cats

Cat house PINA in cream felt

Golden Retriever Joey

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno 100 x 120 cm red

Labrador Joey and i are super happy with the DIVAN dog bed. Many thanks for the uncomplicated handling.

Siberian Thira

Siberian Thira

Cat cushion DIVAN Cinque violet/light grey, ø 55 cm

Thira really seems to like the cat bed! She is very cute, but also a handful at 4 months old. The material of the covers resists her nails really well.

Siberian Thira

Cat bed DIVAN Uno light grey, 45 x 65 cm

I was very surprised by the quality and finish of the materials. The cat beds looks and feels even better in real life than on the pictures! I will get you some action shots soon, my new Siberian kitten Thira is still very careful with new things.

Pretty little cat

Cat bed BOWL felt anthracite, fleece light grey, 55 x 70 cm

Today, the cat basket arrived and was immediately occupied. We also like it very much. In contrast to the old cat bed made of wicker which had become a bit brittle and prickly, our little cat is no longer stabbed in her paws.


Cat bed DIVAN Due cream/dark brown, 65 x 80 cm

First of all, many thanks for the fantastic pillow that we loved very much, especially for our Princess Dafne. As you can see she adores it and we are already choosing what his Christmas royal will be from your site. We also wanted to tell you that even the felt mouse has become his favorite cat toy, and she has many toys:-). Thanks to everyone and a good weekend!


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno 80 x 100 cm, graphite

This is a picture of our hard-haired dachshund lady Charlotte. Charlotte is blown away by her new pillow and has a new favorite spot.
We have ordered pillows for our two dogs several times and are really, very satisfied. Both with the very good workmanship and the material you use for the pillows and their filling. The orders and deliveries were always impeccable.

Stella & Kenza

Dog basket MILA in leather cream, ø 70 cm

THANK YOU! Stella & Kenza love it!

Stella & Kenza

Dog bed CUBE in cream leather, 90x90 cm

Stella and Kenza are very happy in the CUBE dog bed.


Design cat scratcher RONDO Stand in felt

My cat loves her Rondo...

Jowo Master of serenity

Dog basket SIRO Twist with brown cusion

Thank you for the wonderful basket. Jowo is such a sweet lucky dog and we all have a lot of fun with him in the first few days. His name means "master of serenity" and so he behaves. A sunny creature, sleeps from 10 pm to 7 am - short pee-pee round and continue sleeping with his owner until 9 o'clock:-)

Lucky & Leika

Dog bed DIVAN Uno in cotton medium grey, 80 x 100 cm

Since yesterday, our two four-legged friends are no longer scrambling for the one DIVAN dog cushion. Lucky took his new, matching to his coat color pillow in use. While Leika, finally without competition from the younger colleague, can get back on her pillow. Dogs satisfied, dog owners happy, so everything is perfect. Thank you, I will always recommend you with pleasure.

Irko & Charlotte

Dog cushion with head pillow DIVAN Uno in graphite, 80 x 100 cm

As you can see, Irko and Charlotte are completely blown away by the exquisite comfort of the dog bed.

Dachshund Noomi

Dog bed DIVAN Quattro 65 x 80 cm

The new dog pillow was immediately taken over by our dachshund lady "Noomi". As you can see in the photos below, she chose the best place. Thank you for the good quality!

Charlie & India

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in cotton light grey, 100 x 120 cm

Charlie and India relax from the exertions of the day on their beloved dog cushion with the new cotton cover.


Design cat scratching post RONDO Stand in felt

The RONDO has been with me for a while. As a scratching object it was soon in use. But my male cat Pepper took over two months, until he found the cat cave for good and suitable for to sleep in. But now, the RONDO is indispensable and we both love it.


Cat cushion LOUNGE Rose red/violet, ø 55 cm

Sophia loves her bed of roses!
She will not get off her new cat bed. It is so beautiful. Thank you for her special throne. She is so happy!!!


Dog bed DIVAN Uno 80 x 100 cm in pea green

Here a picture of our Setter crossbreed „Knut on the Pea“ on his new dog cushion.


Cat basket BOWL felt anthracite, cushion graphite, 55 x 55 cm

The pictures were taken 15 minutes after we unpacked the great cat bed. After an intensive and extensive sniffing Lillyfee has settled in her new conquest and since then, the cat bed is her place to be. Jumping elegantly into the comforting cat bed, seems to be Lillyfee’s new favorite pastime.

We also enjoy this exclusive, beautifully processed cat bed. So far I have not seen anything like it. And we think it fits perfectly in our house.


Dog bed Divan Uno in cotton light grey, 100 x 120 cm

Oda was immediately comfortable on the new dog bed.

Bengal cats Dea & Diva

Cat bed Divan Due graphite/light grey, 65 x 80 cm

I would also like to thank you for the super qualitative processing of the products! We own the BOWL leather cat bed and since december the cat pillow DIVAN. Meanwhile my two Bengal cats are cuddling together on the pillow.

Bobtail Charlie

Memory foam dog bed PAUL 90 x 110 cm

Charlie feels very well:-)

Bobtail Charlie

Customized dog cushion out of buffalo leather, 100 x 120 cm

The leather dog bed has become super nice. Our great Bobtail Charlie feels very, very comfortable.

French Bulldog Mercedes

Divan Uno with head pillow cream, 65 x 80 cm

A picture is worth a thousand words…..


Design cat litter box Poopoopeedo in black

Many thanks for everything! Here comes a picture of my beautiful Micia.

Jules & Smud

Cat basket BOWL felt red, cushion medium grey, 75 x 75 cm

My two Bengal boys Jules and Smud love their new cat bed and use it for sleeping and playing. The quality is really great, especially the felt withstand all the hardships.



Cat basket CROWN felt anthracite, cushion light grey

I send you here a picture of my male cat Igor in his new cat bed. The first two weeks my cats ignore the new bed. But then the cat basket is used as usual :-)



Dog cushion DIVAN Cinque graphite/light grey, 100 x 120 cm

The beautiful dog pillow has just arrived, thank you!
We and of course Eddy are very happy! It fits great in here !!!!!

French Bulldog

Dog cushion DIVAN Due graphite/light grey, 65 x 80 cm

Here are some pictures of the great dog pillow. Thank you also for the perfect service.

Yorki Lennox

Dog basket MILA in black leather, ø 70 cm

For our little puppy, the beautiful dog bed was to delicate, the teeth and so on.… Now, after seven month with his first haircut, Lennox accepted the dog basket immediately.

Chewbacca from Seattle

Dog bed DIVAN Quattro graphite/medium grey/caramel

We just got Pet Interiors bed for Chewbacca, our 14 months Australian Labradoodle. As soon as I placed it on the floor he wanted to try it and since then he hardly moves elsewhere. He brought his favorite bones and toys to the bed. It was not easy to find this perfect option. It complies with several wishes: (1) Super comfortable: Orthopedic and the Italian felt is to die for (2) Modern: it goes with the the furniture. (3) Good details and quality: the stitch and the filling of the pillow is just right to make it for an elegant giant cushion. (4) Excellent Service: As soon as I placed the order, I was contacted with next steps. The shipping to US was so easy.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in red, 100 x 100 cm

Jackson - asleep on just your DIVAN Uno dog bed!


Dog cushion cuddle bag DIVAN Due 65 x 80 cm

Here are some pictures of Nina, resting in her comfortable kennel!

Cockapoo Boo

Dog bed BOWL in faux leather 70 x 70 cm

Thank you so much for my beautiful dog beds.....they have passed the test, the dogs love them!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Ralph

Dog bed BOWL in faux leather 90 x 90 cm

Thank you so much for my beautiful dog baskets.....they have passed the test, the dogs are very happy!

Chihuahua Oscar

Cuddle cushion for dogs DIVAN Due 45 x 65 cm

Oscar love his cuddle cushion!



Cat house UOVO in white

Major is very happy in his cat cave:-)


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in cream cotton, 80 x 100 cm

Thank you for the marvelous dog bed. My little Margot appreciates it very much !!! Thanks!!!!

Pointer Mix Charlie

Dog mattress Mary with fleece cover light grey, 90 x 110 cm

The dog bed is loved very much by our Pointer Mix Charlie.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Oda

Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro, graphite/medium grey/light grey 100 x 120 cm

The dog bed is loved very much by our Rhodesian Ridgeback Oda.


Cat cushion DIVAN Due cream/graphite, 65 x 80 cm

Amy feels very comfortable in the new cat pillow. A beautiful, cuddly piece! Our older cat Shiva is still a bit shy. She always takes a little longer to accept something new.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno with head pillow, 100 x 120 cm

Our rascal Raban feels very well on his new dog cushion.


Dog bed MILA in faux leather black, ø 70 cm

Pato is very happy in his new dog basket!! Thanks!


Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro with head pillow, 80 x 100 cm

Zaza looks so pretty on the green dog bed and feels obviously well.


Dog mattress PAUL dark grey/red, 90 x 110 cm

Christmas came early for Jackson, his dog bed arrived this pm and it took him only minutes to claim it as his. Jackson is only 9months but growing daily, its just a question of time before I'll be back on your site, looking for another bed or cushion. Great to see so many Rhodesian Ridgebacks enjoying your products.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno cotton medium grey, 80 x 100 cm

Good morning, my two Golden Retriever Ariel and Tita enjoy their new dog cushion very much! I think, i take two more dog cushion for my bedroom. Thanks!


Dog bed BOWL leather black, 55 x 55 cm

Our newcomer enjoys his new dog basket!

Saloma Tausendschön

Dog bed DIVAN Quattro, 80 x 100 cm, dark brown/caramel/red

Saloma is a Rumainian street dog and is having a hard time with changes - she's already starting to panic in front of a new water bowl. After one day of shuddering of the new dog cushion, Saloma Tausendschön has accepted it. I think the two are looking outstanding together!


Cat cushion DIVAN Uno in cotton, medium grey, 65 x 80 cm

The new cat pillow was put into use immediately and was also useful as a sickbed! Sadly, our cat Yentl has broken his hind paw and is now patiently tolerating the splint and the temporary imprisonment. In two weeks everything will come off and then hopefully the leg will be healthy again.

Little kitten

Cat cushion DIVAN Due graphite/light grey 80 x 100 cm

It took some time, but now the pillow is accepted :) There is place for my two cats. But I have no photo yet where both are in it...

Happy cat

Cat house RONDO Stand felt light grey, cushion color medium grey

I sent you here a photo of one of our cats! One of our cats loves this beautiful design piece! The other one is very shy and doesn't jump in yet.



Dog bed LIDO in felt anthracite, cushion medium grey, ø 62 cm

Our Paula feels very well in her new dog basket.


Dog cushion with head pillow DIVAN Uno, 100 x 120 cm

As you can see, Amali feels very comfortable on her dog cushion. Since she has this bed, she use no other anymore! Thanks for the fast delivery and this great dog bed, which really meets the highest demands!


Dog basket ARENA felt cream, cushion violet, 85 x 75 cm

The ordered dog cushion and basket arrived. Frieda enjoys the new dog beds very much! Good work and many thanks!


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in cream fleece, 80 x 100 cm

The ordered dog cushion and basket arrived. Frieda enjoys the new dog beds very much! Good work and many thanks!

2 happy boys

Dog bed MILA out of faux leather grey, ø 70 cm

2 dogs + 2 beds = 0 fights und 2 happy boys!

2 happy boys

Dog bed MILA out of faux leather grey, ø 70 cm

2 dogs + 2 beds = 0 fights und 2 happy boys!


Dog bed BOWL in black leather, 70 x 90 cm

Nouky is really happy to give you a feed-back about his new dog basket! As you can see, he loves it!!! Many thanks for producing such a good bed! We wish he will appreciate for years!


Cat cushion DIVAN Due light grey/graphite, 65 x 80 cm

Many thanks for the fast delivery of the cat cushion. We are very satisfied with the goods! Our 4-legged roommate also:-) Pepper has taken the cat bed immediately, see pictures in attachment.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno cotton light grey, 80 x 100 cm

Leika love the new dog bed. It was was taken immediately after it arrived. Our second dog was not allowed to test yet. If Lucky should become jealous, I will come back to you.


Cat bed DIVAN Due cream/caramel 80 x 100 cm

The new cat bed DIVAN Due was accepted immediately!!! Our Bengal male cat Fritz (4 ½ years old) is the ruler of the cat cushion.

Two dogs from Switzerland

Dog bed CUBE in faux leather dark brown, 90 x 126 cm

The dog bed has arrived. It's great and the dogs love it too!


Dog bed DIVAN Uno cotton medium grey, 80 x 80 cm

The grey dog cushion looks also good at Alba, right? It is a dog bed on which the famous „Princess on a pea“ would also be delighted, and in any case, Alba is definitely her equal. More photos from Lulú will follow.


Cat tree RONDO Stand faux leather cream, cushion medium grey

Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the Rondo. After initial skepticism, our cat Pepper have taken her new sleeping and playground ;) We are very satisfied :)


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in medium grey cotton, 80 x 80 cm

Greetings from Lulú



Dog cushion DIVAN Cinque custom made

Thank you for the quick processing and also the fast production of our special request. The dog bed fits perfectly into the office and Eddie is also happy!



LOUNGE Boy dog bed in cotton medium grey, 70 x 90 cm

Good morning, the dog cushion for Scarlett has just arrived and she already take a sunbathe...


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno cream, 80 x 100 cm

Today we changed the cover of the dog pillow. Very nice:D. As you can see, Scarlett is very happy!


Dog bed CUBE in white leather, 90 x 90 cm

Regards from Antonio!

Achill & Zeus

Cat bed Bowl felt anthracite, cushion caramel, 75 x 75 cm

You are welcome to publish the pictures of our wild Bengals in their new cat bed.


Dog cushion with head pillow DIVAN Due, 100 x 120 cm

Cookie is happy!



Divan Cinque cat cushion medium grey/violet, 45 x 65 cm

The beautiful cat pillows arrived yesterday. My male cat Humboldt is very impressed.
Thanks for the fast, reliable and very nice handling.

Miss Marple

Cat bed ARENA felt anthracite, cushion cream, 65 x 55 cm

My name is Miss Marple. I am a little spoiled cat from France. I adopted my new cat basket immediately and i am very happy. Thank you!


Cat bed ARENA felt cream, cushion anthracite, 65 x 55 cm

The new cat basket is loved by our Purzel. He doesn't want to leave it at all! Best regards.


Dog cushion DIVAN in Canvas dark grey, 80 x 100 cm

Thank you for the wonderful dog cushions. My two ladies at first were a bit hesitantly, but now they love to use the dog beds. Bea, Bonny, and their employees.

Pug Luna

Dog bed MILA out of faux leather, ø 70 cm

Thank you so much for this wonderful dog basket! I am totally enthusiastic and Luna loves it already. It is her second favorite place after staying on the couch with me. Yesterday she slept all day in it:)

Siamese cat

Two cat caves RONDO Wall in felt with scratching cover

The Rondos are mounted and our cats are very satisfied, as you can see on the pictures! Now they can choose whether the walk over the stairs or the path over the Rondos is more convenient to the upper floor. We are thrilled how great the scratching and sleeping objects fits into our living room - just beautiful ....


Cat basket BOWL in felt, 55 x 70 cm

Male cat Nicky enjoys the spring sun in his new cat bed!

Kaja & Wilma

Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro, 100 x 120 cm

I ordered a big bed for the big dog - I thought. When my dog Wilma makes herself very small, she is allowed to lay down sometimes to the cat pillow. Either way, both animals find it very comfortable.

Golden Retriever Jamie

Golden Retriever Jamie

Custom made dog cushion DIVAN in cotton, 80 x 100 cm

Dear Christel, dear Otto, the new dog bed is super! Kindest regards Jamie.



Dog bed DIVAN Cinque graphite/light grey, 100 x 120 cm

Eddy love his dog cushion and feels very comfortable. We find it really chic, it fits great to him and also to our house.


Dog bed BOWL in leather, 90 x 90 cm

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery and the very nicely made dog bed. Our four-legged family member feels very well.

Lagotto Romagnolo Verdi

Dog matterass in memory foam, faux leather/fleece, 90 x 110 cm

It is a very comfortable dog bed! I love it!



Divan Cinque dog cushion with head pillow, 80 x 100 cm

Dear pet-interiors team, Roy is a proud owner of two pillows of you and incredibly happy. We are inspired by the quality and design of the dog beds and Roy would be very happy to recommend you. He is particularly pleased with the self-made cards. With kindest regards.

Mashiba’s Bagira

Dog bed DIVAN Uno with head pillow, 80 x 100 cm

At first my little Bagira was a bit hesitant, but now she doesn't want to get out of the noble dog cushion anymore.

Two siamese cat

Cat scratcher Rondo Wall in felt with scratch cover

The two Rondo cat beds for the wall arrived well - i just wanted to unpack them - They were accepted immediately and found to be good:-) I will send pictures after our move, when the Rondos are mounted on the wall… Kind regards and many thanks!


MILA dog basket faux leather black, ø 70 cm

Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the new dog bed. I have a second dog now, Jakaro, and the bed is for him. My first dog , Ituma is still using his own bed, he likes to hide a bit and have his privacy. Both dogs and myself are very happy with your products!

Lazy Boy Filou

ARENA cat basket out of felt, 65 x 55 cm

We recieved from you the cat bed ARENA for our little Filou. We would like to send you a few photos of our very photogenic cat. Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to our beloved last weekend. In the last two days and nights of his life, he found it extremely comfortable in his cat bed and could still spend some nice moments there...

Lottie 3legged Parson Russel Terrier

Dog bed DIVAN Uno with head pillow, 65 x 80 cm

Thank you for yet another excellent dog cushion. Our cat Hibou is getting very jealous: she will be next in line!

Golden Retriever

Divan Due dog bed with head pillow in cream/caramel, 100 x 120 cm

We receive the amazing Dog cushion Divan today, Many thanks!!
I join to you a photo of my dog on it!

Nela & Merlin

Nela & Merlin

Cat cushion DIVAN Cinque cream/dark brown, customized size

On behalf of our cats Nela and Merlin i can say: A life without DIVAN cat bed is possible, but makes no sense. The picture show how cultivated and enjoyable now our common breakfast in the kitchen is. For Merlin, the cat pillow is so splendid that he cuddle it by persevering treading and he purrs with pleasure. Just perfect! Thank you very much - we are excited!



Dog bed DIVAN Cinque graphite/violet, 80 x 100 cm

Here is a picture of our relaxed Henk, despite renovation stress. He feels very good on his new dog cushion ....... where others have stress.


Cat bed ARENA in felt light grey, 65 x 55 cm

Thanks for the cat bed, Päddy feels comfortable :-) In the beginning it was a bit too soft for him, now it fits!

Birba from Italy

Dog cushion Lounge PAULINE con head pillow, 70 x 90 cm

Merry Christmas and thank you for your wonderful dog products. Here as promised the photos of Birba. She appreciate the great dog cushion made of fleece ...


Cat bed ARENA felt red, graphite, 65 x 55 cm

I am very happy with the cat basket. He looks very good and is well received. Of course, the cat beds have their price, but they are worth every euro. I am sure to valuable contribution to the health of my cats. The joint-friendly lying gets all four cats very well. And is the cat happy, the owner is satisfied.


Dog basket BOWL with orthopedic cushion filling, 90 x 90 cm

Edda loves her new dog bed and don't want to get out no more. I find your basket very nice - he is a real eye catcher! Thank you for the fast shipment and the key chain!

Sibilla & Giorgino

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in red, 100 x 120 cm

A sweet nap on a wonderful Christmas day. Sibylla and Georgie on the red DIVAN dog cushion ....

Basenji female dog Amali

Dog bed DIVAN Uno with head pillow medium grey, 80 x 100 cm

The pillow is very well accepted. In the meantime, Amali crouched in her cave just in the corner. Today she lay relaxed in the middle of the great new dog cushion. It was worth it!

Little white cat

Cat cushion DIVAN Due cream/caramel, 65 x 80 cm

The cat cushion is used very gladly!


Dog bed CUBE in faux leather cream, 126 x 90 cm

Dear pet-interiors team, thanks for this outstanding dog bed and the fast delivery. Our Aramis loves it!

Pug Freddie & male cat Carlo

Pet cushion Lounge Rose, ø 70 cm

Our pug Freddie and his friend Carlo feels so comfortable on the Rose pet pillow.

Leo & Maya

Cat scratcher RONDO Stand felt light grey, cushion color graphite

And here come the proof: my two little darlings love the cat cave!!
Unfortunately, Maya is not good to see....

Little Italian Greyhound Frida from Italy

Dog bed DIVAN Due pea green/cream, 65 x 80 cm

The dog pillow is a good invest! Frida liked it immediately! It is not easy for the little ones, when they move in their new home.....

Four Siamese

Dog cushion LOUNGE Pauline 70 x 90 cm

The great dog cushion Lounge Pauline is loved by our cats and meets my expectations. I bought it for the garden, below it is wonderfully protected from moisture and on the top cosy and warm. Since the dog bed is protected with artificial leather, it does not matter if a malaise happens. I've washed it many times and it still looks good. I can use the pillow just as I imagined. Excellent!


Cat cushion DIVAN Due graphite/violet, 80 x 100 cm

The cat cushion is just delivered and already taken possession! Many thanks and best regards!

Labrador Ti

Dog bed DIVAN Uno light grey, 100 x 120 cm

Ti is happy with his new dog bed:-)


Cat cushion DIVAN Due cream/caramel, 80 x 100 cm

Thanks a lot for the fast delivery. A special thanks also to Kerstin for the great work. On the second day finally my sick ice bear tried the new cat bed and is now using it very extensively. I'm always happy when I see him lying there. I think he feels very comfortable on it. Best regards.

Labrador from Austria

Dog bed DIVAN Uno violet, 100 x 120 cm

Happy:-), now he get a second dog cushion!

Sam from Italy

Dog bed DIVAN Uno caramel, 100 x 120 cm

Good evening,
it is a very nice dog cushion. Sam appreciate it very much. Also thanks for the good and fast completion.


Dog cushion DIVAN Uno graphite, 100 x 120 cm

It is getting more and more difficult to motivate our four-legged friend to go for a walk :-)



Cat house UOVO black, cushion medium grey

Male cat Fritzi has moved in with us today and accepted the cat cave immediately. We all are happy!


Cat basket BOWL felt anthracite, 55 x 55 cm

Here is the first photo of Olga. The cat box arrived last night and was immediately adopted like the cat litter box!


CAT TOY mouse out of felt

Thank you for the parcel!!! Everything is great! The cat litter box is constructed, little Mara plays with the felt mouse, they are so sweet, thanks for that!!!


Cat cushion DIVAN DUE, 65 x 80 cm

Just arrived and equally populated. It seems Rudi loves his cat cushion like we do... It looks very nice!

Happy cat

DIVAN Uno cat cushion medium grey, 45 x 65 cm

I have just unpacked the cat bed, it is already taken possession...

Rhodesian Ridgeback Zahara

Dog cushion with head pillow DIVAN Quattro, 100 x 120 cm

Thank you very much for the fast handling of our order! Zahara feels happy as a clam... äh happy as a Ridgi on their new dog bed. And in a few months she will be probably fit well on in :)

Shari & Samu two Bengal cats

Cat scratcher RONDO Stand felt cream, scratch cover medium grey

The pet furniture are exactly our taste, great to play and super comfortable to chill out and relax - and I think our feeder like it very well too, because cat beds fit perfectly in their Designer Penthouse.

Yumna Rhodesian Ridgeback (5 months old)

Sleeping bag for dogs DIVAN Due, 100 x 120 cm

The dog cushion arrived and was immediately accepted:-). Yumna feels very comfortable and is sleeps fantastic on her new dog bed.

Aramis from Switzerland

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno medium grey 100 x 100 cm

All are happy with the new pet beds:-)

Van Gogh from Switzerland

DIVAN Due cat bed, 65 x 80 cm

All are happy:-)


Dog bed DIVAN Uno medium grey 100 x 100 cm

Many thanks for the great stylish dog cushion. Our little 4 months old puppy Pepino feels very comfortable. He is still growing and until now, he drag the dog bed still a little back and forth :-)

Weimaraner Moka from Dallas, Texas

Dog cushion DIVAN Due pea green/cream, 100 x 120 cm

Please find a picture of our dog Moka with your cozy dog cushion.

Satisfied little dog

Dog bed DIVAN Uno with head pillow, 80 x 100 cm

Yesterday, late at night, I picked up my package with the dog pillow and here are the first pictures:-)

Young Standard Poodle

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in red, 80 x 100 cm

Today we have received the second Divan dog bed for our young poodle. We are pleased with the dog pillow, so we ordered the second one.

Weimaraner Luna from Italy

Weimaraner Luna from Italy

Dog cushion BOY with canvas cover, 90 x 110 cm

The dog beds arrived and they are very beautiful. Luna accommodated the dog cushion immediately. Thanks again.

Ragdolls Bonnie & Klara

RONDO Stand (cat scratching post) in leather cream cushion creme

My gang of little ragdolls moved in and has settled very well. The ranking is clarified: i made a good 3rd place. The gang is trying to board my laptop, yesterday they turned on the airplane mode, they activated the voice recognition and the PC-Emergency has been called. The palm is already in the stairwell and the first curtain is gone. Nevertheless: Life is wonderful since Sunday!

Sibilla from San Marino

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in cobalt blue, 100 x 100 cm

Here is a photo of Sibilla on her new blue cushions. Thank you so much!

Dog from Luxembourg

Dog bed Lounge PAULINE, 90 x 110 cm

The cushion was delivered last week. My 2 1/2 year old female dog took it immediately in possession. When my husband came home from work in the evening, she don‘t want to get up to say hello. This has never happened before, since we had our dog. Real amazing! She is only got up when i lured here with a cheese cube.

Aurora & Merengue

CUBE dog bed in leather, 70 x 70 cm, this time for cats:-)

Thanks for the wonderful CUBE pet bed. My two cats love it already!

Pug Odin

Dog cushion DIVAN Due cream/caramel, 80 x 100 cm

Our pug Odin loves his new dog bed, many thanks for that!

Pug Henry 4 years old

Dog cushion LOUNGE Uni 80 x 80 cm with head pillow

The dog bed has been well received! Henry loves his dog pillow to death and also has extraordinary sleep variants on it.

Little Yorkie

DIVAN Uno dog cushion cream, 80 x 80 cm

Since Wednesday I have a foster dog from a animal shelter, a very small Yorkshire Terrier. It did not take long, since he try out Alba's (my other dog) cushion. Now it's his bed for the next few days. Luckily I have a second dog cushion! And so, one dog sleeps left, the other one sleeps right of my sofa.

Abyssinian Princess Sona

Cat scratcher RONDO Stand in felt cream, cushion graphite

My little Abyssinian princess has taken 5 minutes after setting up the cat cave possession. It has become her declared favorite place and I also love the beautiful piece of furniture exceptionally well.

Two Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dog bed DIVAN Due dark brown/red, 100 x 120 cm

Hello Mrs. Meyer, thanks for the fast delivery. The third dog pillow is for one other Ridgeback puppy, arriving in two weeks.
Both are doing well:-)


Cat cushion LOUNGE Uni graphite, 70 x 70 cm

Thank you very much! For us a complete surprise, the cat cushion was taken with full enjoyment! Lulu thanks:-)

Lulu Egyptian Mau

Cat bed LIDO felt cream, cushion cream, ø 70 cm

Voila, my little Egyptian Mau. Thanks for the great cat bed, my cat love her little place!

Happy Cat from Warsaw

Cat bed ARENA felt pea green, cushion violet, 65 x 55 cm

I have just received the cat bed. As seen on the pictures my cat loves his new bed :-))

Sibilla from San Marino

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno in red, 100 x 120 cm

Congratulations for your wonderful products. Sibilla worships them and we're happy when she is happy.
Thank you! Best regards from the Republic of San Marino!

Male cat Erich

Male cat Erich

Cat house UOVO in white, with pea green cat cushion

Here two pictures of our male cat Erich (12 years). He chose himself the desktop space, between our working place. And since he got his "cat cave" UOVO, he is always there when we are working. We have two other cats (Robert and Simone, both 2 years old), but Erich do not allowed to use his cave ...

Tree Siamese

Tree Siamese

Cat house UOVO in white, with dark blue cushion

We picked up the cat bed this afternoon and shortly at home, three of our six cats already lie in there:-). The fleece fabric is warm and in the cave itself it is wonderful warm also. Just right for our Siamese. It may sometimes not be warm enough. The latex pillow is a very high quality. So, i and our cats are very satisfied:-)

Browny & Aron

DIVAN Uno dog cushion in pea green, 100 x 120 cm

Grüezi Frau Meyer, we received the new dog cushion! Thank you, also on behalf of Brownie, our 12 year old Labrador and Aron.

Felix & Mrs. Schmitt

Cat litter box POOPOOPEEDO in green

My two rascals accepted the litter box Poopoopeedo immediately. Only the Lord of creation want to have his own place:-)

Golden Retriever Lola

Orthopedic memory foam dog mattrass, 80 x 100 cm

I want to thank you all for excellent service and such a quality product!
The user, Lola, has already found the dog bed as a good place:) An orthopedic dog mattress was a new thing for her and she was firstly little bit shy. However, it didn't take a long time she already slept on it: ) So, also Lola wants warmly to thank you!

German Mastiff Keanu

DIVAN Uno dog cushion, 100 x 120 cm

We do not want to miss to inform you and of course Gisela too, to share the joy of our Keanu about his new wellness oasis. It is his absolute favorite place and leaves no opportunity to relax on his new dog bed.
Enclosed is a photo of our boy. Thanks again for the fast and perfect service.

Cat from Greece

Cat bed ARENA felt cream, cushion medium grey, 65 x 55 cm

Here a pictures of a previous purchase . My cat adores the cat bed.
I am sure that the other 2 boys I have will adore their cat beds too:-)


Dog bed BOWL, felt graphite, cushion medium grey, 50 x 70 cm

This is Feivel in his new dog basket. He feels very comfortable.

Lucky cat from London

LOUNGE Uni cat cushion medium grey, ø 70 cm

Attached is a picture of happy cat on a lovely cat bed. I might need to order one of these for myself.

Little Chihuahua on a large dog bed

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno medium grey, 100 x 120 cm

I have picked up the dog bed and i am super happy with it. Our Golden Retriever arrive in three weeks. In any case, our little Chihuahua find the new dog bed very convenient :-)

Dachshund Rex from Ireland

Dog bed DIVAN Uno in red, 80 x 100 cm

Yesterday Rex received his Divan Uno dog cushion.
Rex loves his new cushion.  Within minutes he was smiling:-)

Labrador Linda

ARENA dog bed out of felt, 85 x 75 cm

Thank you for the dog basket: Linda is very happy with it! And me too...!


MILA cat basket with RONDO scratching post

Aurora has the RONDO scratching post immediately inspected and approved.


DIVAN Due dog cushion, 80 x 100 cm

Thank you for the very fast delivery. So Lotti already received her birthday present today. We all like the dog bed very much.

Pèpe from Italy

Dog cushion DIVAN Quattro, 80 x 100 cm

Dear Christel & Otto,
here comes Pèpe on his new dog bed:-)
Kind regards and until the next order, ciaooo



Cat bed DIVAN Cinque, 80 x 100 cm

Thank you for the fast delivery. The cat cushion was accepted very quickly. Sissi feels very comfortable. For us it is the best cat product we have ever bought. We will recommend you further.

Django 6 month old

Cat basket BOWL leather white, cushion medium grey, 55 x 55 cm

The BOWL cat bed is great! It looks really beautiful and very classy in white leather. Two of my three male cats already slept in it. At my photo session was only one halfway cooperative:-) Many thanks for the handwritten lines and the two felt cat toys.

Half-breed Setter Knut

Dog cushion DIVAN Uno with head pillow, 80 x 100 cm

Thanks for the great dog bed. Knut loves it very much, especially the pillow.


Cat bed DIVAN Uno in red, 60 x 60 cm

A snapshot of cat Pebbles who sleep like a log on that perfect cushion. As you can see, the cat cushion is very well accepted.



Cat cushion DIVAN Cinque red/dark brown, 60 x 60 cm

Marcie lie on the beautiful cat bed. The second cushion arrived today.

Merengue & Aurora

Cat tree RONDO Stand leather cream


Jazz & Easy, Miss Missy & Mr. Milou

Dog bed DIVAN and cat basket BOWL

That's the way it looks in a house with two cats and two Great Dane! Our customer has just ordered two very large dog beds more for his two Great Dane dogs, so they have to to stay no more longer in the small cat basket :-)! So cute!

Jean from Belgium

Dog bed MILA out of faux leather, ø 70 cm

Jean loves his new dog bed! And the cookies....

Male cat Lennie

Scratching post Rondo Stand in felt with scratch cover

Lennie loves his new cat bed and view point.

Main Coon Cats from Luxemburg

Cat bed SIRO Twist, ø 70 cm

Thanks for the very beautiful cat basket.
It was occupied directly of all my cats!

Little rascals from Switzerland

ARENA, BOWL, CREDO & HARRY dog baskets out of felt

A whole gang of five dogs were fitted with new dog beds.

Birba from Italy

Dog cushion Lounge PAULINE, 70 x 90 cm

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful dog bed (gift for the 10th birthday of my puppy). It was immediately appreciated by my Birba like the picture shows.

Jean from Belgium

Dog basket BOWL in felt cream, 75 x 75 cm

Jean is enjoying his dog basket. I just took a picture, he loves it ...
He is 7 months old now, behaves ok , so I decided to order him a second dog bed.

Cute dog from Belgium

Customized CUBE dog bed in orange leather 126 x 90 cm

My dog is happy in his new CUBE dog basket. Thanks for the special color.

Nata und Trufa from Spain/Andalusia

Dog cushion PAULINE with a head pillow, size 70 x 90 cm

When the dogs away, the cats dance in the bed! Sometimes the Labrador Tara und the red male cat Nata (cream) are cuddling together in the dog bed. But the quarrelsome black and white Trufa (Truffle) shares the bed perhaps with the other cat. Tara the dog has huge respect for her. It is never boring with my animals....

Labrador Tara from Spain/Andalusia

Dog bed PAULINE, size 70 x 90 cm

Here is someone very relaxed and in the seventh dog heaven. Tara even snores a little bit in his new, great, lovely dog bed, what they usually never does. Many, many thanks for the quick processing and the really good quality. I wish you a lot of success and maybe I order again for my cats. They find the new dog cushion just great and occupy it immediately when Tara is not there.

Male cat Camillo from Austria

Cat bed BOWL in felt cream, cushion color cream, 75 x 75 cm

Camillo loves his new cat basket!

2 Main Coon cats from the Black Forest

MILA cat basket in felt, mounted on the Rondo base

Here is a picture of my two rascals: There is a good atmosphere in the cat bed!

Cody from Italy

Visco dog mat PETER, size 70 x 90 cm

I love to send you images. My dog Cody and I are very enthusiastic of the dog mattress. Thanks for the good service and the best wishes for a happy New Year!

Enobakhare from Basuto Malawi

Huge dog bed SIRO TWIST with pea green cushions

We bought the large dog bed in 2013 and it still looks great and continues to be loved by my Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Minnie a Whippet

Dog cushion DIVAN Due with dog blanket, 100 x 120 cm

Minnie pinching the dog bed.

Chico Golden Retriever

Dog cushion DIVAN UNO graphite, pillow medium grey, 100 x 120 cm

Chico loves his new dog cushion. It is the seventh dog bed I bought for him, and on this one he asleep through the whole night. I think he looks great on your cushion!

Chico Golden Retriever

Dog cushion LOUNGE BULLY, both sides faux leather, 90 x 110 cm

We are really very happy with the dog cushions. With his arthritis Chico lies at least no longer on the parquet, but willingly on his dog bed. And the leatherette version is really easy to clean for our salivate beloved:-)

Kalisi from Italy

Kalisi from Italy

Cat house UOVO white, with a cushion in graphite

The parcels arrived 10 minutes ago. Kalisi went into the cat house immediately and now she is sleeping in. I am very happy!

Kalisi from Italy

Cat cushion LOUNGE Uni colour cream, size 70 x 90 cm

The two parcels arrived today. Your products are really great! I will make here in Italy the best advertisement for you.

Mitsky from London

Cat basket ARENA Felt in anthracite, 85 x 75 cm

Here is a picture of Mitsky on her cat bed!


Dog cushion DIVAN UNO color cream, 80 x 80 cm

The cushion of pet-interiors is the most amazing dog place. Here the promised images of my Alba on their cosy dog bed.

Ekhaya Rhodesian Ridgeback

LOUNGE UNI dog bed medium grey, size 100 x 120 cm

Our model Ekhaya feels still quite comfortable on her now 10 years old dog cushion.



Bowl NIDO cat bed anthrazite 75 x 75 cm

Two minutes in our house and already occupied:-)
Thanks for the fast delivery!

Max & Mara

ARENA felt cat bed, 55 x 65 cm

Max and Mara finally arrived! The beautiful cat baskets are not all in use, but that is yet to come. The first picture in the cozy cat bed.

Maya from Austria

Visco dog mattress PETER 90 x 100 cm

Maya and Peter - love at first sight! Dear pet-interiors-team, thank you for this great dog sofa! We are excited!

Two very happy cats

LOUNGE Uni cat cushion in graphite, size 80 x 80 cm

Two very happy cats from Belgium.

Peppa a Magyar Vizsla Lady

Dog cushion Divan Uno, colour medium grey, size 100 x 120 cm

Thank you for this great product and the fast delivery of the dog cushion. Our dog loves it already! (See photo)

Jill from Switzerland

Cat cushion Divan Uno, colour red, size 80 x 100 cm

Jill is very excited about the Divan cat cushion. If you are interested in, you can use the picture for your credentials.

Bruno from Italy

Dog cushion Divan Uno, colour graphite, size 80 x 100 cm

Good morning! The dog pillow arrived last Thursday. It is very beautiful and Bruno love it! Photo in attachment. I have recommended your website to our friends. Best whishes!

Max & Mara

Cat scratcher RONDO STAND felt and scratch cover in anthracite

My two love the great piece! I am so glad that they lay inside of its own:-) Max sits above Mara snuggle inside. Sometimes they both hang on the outside of the scratch cover, this looks quite adventurous ....

Eperke & Darka two Transylvanian scent hounds

Eperke & Darka two Transylvanian scent hounds

Dog cushion MARIE 100 x 120 cm with head pillow

Thank you very much for the great dog bed... It is very, very popular with my two girls.... a huge THANK YOU from Hungary! EPERKE (strawberry) and Darka (wasp)!

The Transylvanian scent hound is an old, traditional Hungarian breed.

Sherlock & Watson

BOWL cat basket out of felt, 75 x 75 cm

After Sherlock and Watson are finally moved in yesterday, they have even used their new cat sleeping place at the evening. Enclosed is a picture :-)

Max & Mara

Cat litter box POOPOOPEEDO in white

Max and Mara finally arrived! It is still a great acclimatization because the two kitten are pretty wild, so small they are. Of course, the snow maiden are also very sweet. The flit around here, catch, fight with each other, but then they fall in sleep ... they still have to learn this and that ...The cat litter box is already used :-)


LOUNGE ROSE dog cushion round, ø 90 cm

Amy lies like on cloud seven and is visibly thrilled!

Frieda Golden Retriever

Dog bed washable, LOUNGE UNI in red

Our Frieda feels very comfortable on her dog bed. Now we would like a second one. Perhaps in caramel and in the next size 90 x 110 cm. But there is no hurry.

Two little wild kitten from Lower Austria

Black cat litter box POOPOOPEEDO with a sophisticated design

Much earlier than planned the two little kitten are with me. Although they were initially terribly shy (they are semi wild cats, but it is getting better day by day) - they used the toilet from the very first second :-) !!

Greyhound Biscuit from London/UK

Greyhound Biscuit from London/UK

Orthopaedic dog cushion DIVAN TRE with latex filling

As requested, here are some pictures of my greyhound, Biscuit, on her 100 x 100 cm mattress bed. She ABSOLUTELY loves it. And we have tried a lot of beds.
Thank you very much for this high quality and well thought out product. You will be receiving another order from me soon for a spare cover.

Dog from Luxemburg

Memory foam dog mattress faux leather with felt decoration

Many Thanks! Without this super beds my dogs could not sleep so relaxed. We are looking forward to the second dog mattress. Here's a photo!


Cat cave Rondo Wall in leather cream, cushion cream

The cat cave Rondo Wall is really a very good investment. Our little cat loves it very much as one can see. We have attached it at about 85 cm height, so she can jump in there from her scratch furniture. We have already observed that Merengue does pull-ups on the Rondo Wall :-).
We are also very excited by the cat basket BOWL in leather; not yet unpacked and Merengue jump already in there :-)

Rosa 9 month, Australian Shepherd from Denmark

Memory foam dog mattress PAUL 70 x 90 cm

The pictures speak for themselves (unfortunately we can show only one image ...).
The little pup Rosa, is almost 9 months old.

Summer from Hong Kong

Siro Twist dog basket, custom-made ø 100 cm

We finally received the luxurious dog bed today, just want to attach some photos of Summer enjoying it!

Buster & Lotti

Cat bed Bowl felt anthracite, 55 x 55 cm

Here, finally, a few snapshots of Buster, who dearly likes the basket, whether to relax or to play. Lotti, which lives also with us is rather a little shy and still ensnared still the cat basket. The cat litter box is also heavily utilized, unfortunately still no snapshot with cat has succeeded. The two rascals and we have a lot of fun!

Zorzi from Italy

Cat bed Bowl felt with Divan Dot cushion, 75 x 75 cm

Good evening, I congratulate you to all of your great pet products and the excellent workmanship.
The cat basket is very beautiful and is much appreciated by my cat ...
Attached are some photos. Sincerely yours.

Cat from Denmark

Divan Uno cat cushion in red, 80 x 80 cm

One of my cats love the cat cushion. I am sure the others will come around at some point.

Paula female Dachshund

Paula female Dachshund

Dog basket Bowl in felt, 55 x 55 cm

Paula's dog bed arrived today and was accepted with pleasure immediately.

Bo from Unterberken

Bo from Unterberken

Dog bed Divan CINQUE brown, 100 x 120 cm

The dog cushion is used already a month and our Bo is extremely enthusiastic. He accepted the dog bed immediately and he asleep deep and tight in it. We only miss his wild (hunting) dreams, in which he wagged his feet and barked in his sleep. He is sleeping now probably much deeper. Many thanks for the great service! Nice that there are still personal service. The dog cookies tasted Bo excellent. We will recommend you highly!

Toby silver Labrador

Dog cushion Divan UNO medium grey, pillow graphite, 100 x 120 cm

The cushion is here, feels sensationally soft, looks great - simply to die for. Toby is the soft ground still a little suspect, and he wants to find out with his teeth, why that dog bed is a little bit shaky. But now he lay down and everything is good, as you can see in the photos.

1000 thanks from Toby for the dog biscuits, which seems to be a real treat.

Toby silver Labrador

Dog bed Lounge Pauline, graphite/medium grey, 70 x 90 cm

The package arrived and this beautiful cushion was not only found to be good, but without hesitation it was replaced immediately against the old dog bed. Now Toby is sleeping relaxed in the office and will be happy when we take it home tonight. Thanks for the dog cookies - if I had allowed it, would be all gone in a second. He is after all a genuine Labrador! With best regards from enthusiastic holders and a peaceful sleeping Toby.

Carlos Jack Russell/Chihuahua, 20 months old

Carlos Jack Russell/Chihuahua, 20 months old

Dog cushion DIVAN Dot 80 x 80 cm with head pillow

Thank you for the fast shippment. Carlos and us like the new dog cushion very much. Here is a picture. THANKS

Jack Russel siblings from Augsburg/Germany

Dog basket BOWL Felt 95 x 95 cm and DIVAN Uno 80 x 80 cm

Your dog beds are also popular for our visiting dogs, that even the otherwise lively Jack Russell siblings take a nap.
We also found it great how the two agreed that it is quite comfortable in the beds.


Dog mattress PAUL dark brown/caramel, 90 x 110 cm

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Meyer,

Thanks for the fast delivery!
My "little one" has been take place immediately.
We are both excited about the dog bed!
Here are two photos.

Luza from Ostermünchen/Germany

Luza from Ostermünchen/Germany

Dog cushion DIVAN Cinque graphite/red, 100 x 120 cm

Thank you on behalf of our Luza for the very nice dog bed.
As you can see Luza feels very comfortable.
It is now the third dog bed and all three are loved.
We have recommended you to our good friends.

Dasha from Switzerland

Dog basket BOWL leather dark brown, cushion medium grey

Dasha in her favorite dog basket!

Ajax from Sparta/Greece

Cat litter box Poopoopeedo in black

Here is a photo of the happy Ajax.

Kira from Austria

Cat basket Arena in light grey felt, cushion color graphite

My cat Kira was very happy about the new cat basket and use it regularly for a nap and spending rainy days in it :-)
Many, many thanks from me and Kira.

Louis from Lüneburg/Germany

Cat bed Divan Due graphite/violet, 80 x 100 cm

You can use the picture if you want. The images on your website help me in my decision, which color I have to take. My cat has inaugurated the new cat bed equal on Easter Sunday, it looks very pretty, and I'm very satisfied again - the cat of course too. :-) Thank you very much for the quick delivery and the great cat cushion!

Frizzy from Munich/Germany

Cat bed Lounge Uni cream, 70 x 70 cm

The so eagerly awaited cat pillow arrived yesterday evening and was enjoyed by Frizzy already in the fullest.

Thanks for the - as always - fast delivery!

Lars from Belgium

Dog basket Arena felt anthracite, cushion graphite, 75 x 85 cm

This is our dog Lars, enjoying his new dog bed.

Parker from Great Britain

Cat bed Divan Due color graphite/violet, size 80 x 100 cm

The cat cushion just arrived and its perfect!
Thank you so much. Parker is currently standing on it purring and pawing!

Two dogs from Luxembourg

Two memory foam dog mattresses PETER, size 100 x 120 cm

Thank you for sending the dog mattresses. My two dogs love the dog beds. They don't want to sleep on a other dog bed. A dream for my dogs!

Gemma Italy

Dog cushion Divan Uno 80 x 100 cm in pea green

The pillow is beautiful. I am attaching the photo of Gemma. The new dog cushion is loved by her. Thank you very much!

Floh & Bianca from Vienna/Austria

Cat bed Nook in felt cream, cushion color dark brown

The two feel very well!

German Shepherd

Memory foam dog bed Mary stone grey with zipper in cream

Now i finally have caught my young lady on her new pet bed.That‘s what I call deep relaxed:-)

Marlon from Bressanone/Italy

Bowl Felt light grey, cushion medium grey, 95 x 95 cm

The Bowl felt basket is located at our office: Now Marlon can sleep comfortably behind me in his dog bed, think and enjoy the time while I am at the desk dedicate the "financial" things of life ... and certainly would like to change places with him.

Miró, Merlin & Minouche from Berlin

Arena out of felt anthrazite, cushion medium grey, 55 x 65 cm

Even the cats basket is very popular, and if they all cuddle in it, then also like knotted or one above the other. But look by yourself.

Miró, Merlin & Minouche from Berlin

Scratch post Rondo Wall felt cream, scratch cover medium grey

Since a few months two new kitten live with us. They love the wall mounted Rondos, sleep in it every day, preferably when the sun shines into it.

Scarlett from Switzerland

Bowl dog basket in dark brown leatherette 75 x 75 cm

Here Scarlett with the other dog bed!! She enjoys the comfortable basket and sleeps very good and long in it.
Good evening and thank you

Kimani & Osumi from Rheingau/Germany

Kimani & Osumi from Rheingau/Germany

Crown cat basket felt cream, cushion graphite

They like to hide under the leaves, to jump full pelt into the cat basket to hunt a toy or the little sister. A favorite game of Kimani is to pedal outside along the basket, thereby Osumi rotate inside, to then overthrow with a target jump on Kimani. You see, it is never boring using the Crown and sometimes they sleep in it:-)

Ajani male cat from Recklinghausen/Germany

Ajani male cat from Recklinghausen/Germany

Cat bed Divan Tre ø 55 cm, light blue/red/cream

Of course, you can use the picture on your homepage. Ajani my little tom cat is now about 3 kg. He grows in the next two years and his weight will be 6-7 kg at least.

2 little black cats from Luxembourg

Cat cushion Lounge Uno ø 55 cm in graphite

My cats have adopted the pet pillows:-)

Male cat Pauli from Austria

Cat litter box Poopoopeedo in white

Many thanks for this beautiful item..... Our male cat has accepted this cat toilet from the first moment.

Scarlett French Bulldog from Switzerland

Divan Uno 80 x 100 cm dog cushion with head pillow

Our little Scarlett arrived today. Just look at how much she loves your dog bed.

Linley Beagle from Sehnde/Germany

Dog cushion Divan Uno 80 x 100 cm in medium grey

Thank you so much for the Divan Dog Bed. Not only we are absolutely delighted with the quality, appearance and personal greeting card, but also our Beagle Linley.
Unfortunately you do not have a warning on your side, that cats love this pillow too. Our dog needs to share the pillows with our Bengal cats - so we need to think about purchasing a second bed from pet-interiors.

Jala Rhodesian Ridgeback

Peter dog bed in dark brown faux leather with red felt

5 years ago we bought the real big dog basket CUBE for our famale Rhodesian Ridgeback. It still looks tip top. Now we got a RR-puppy and of course, we buy a new bed for her. Here is a picture of baby Jala just blissfully asleep in the new bed. Kind regards!

Ricco Ratonero Mallorquin

Dog bed Arena out of felt in anthracite, cushion medium grey

Ricco is so enthusiastic about his dog pillow, he has got a item, the arena felt basket. He loves it now, a few minutes after delivery!


Lounge Linea dog cushion in violet and cream, 80 x 100 cm

Many thanks for this wonderful Lounge dog bed. Trixi has ignored her old dog pillow immediately and tried the new one!


Custom-designed: Rondo stainless steel base and Siro cat basket ø 70 cm

The Siro basket upholster with felt and mounted on the Rondo stainless steel base. We are very excited about this great result and think about it, take this product in our program. Many thanks for this inspiration!

Mau from Nuremberg, Germany

Nook felt anthracite, cushion red, ø 70 cm

Mau in the new cat bed. Is it possible to sleep more relaxed?

Murml from East Tirol

Divan Uno graphite, 80 x 100 cm

As you can see, it sleeps better in foreign dog beds, because the new Divan cushion was bought for Pino, our second dog.
Thanks again for the cuddly soft cushion.
I whish you all the best!

Two Siamese from Norway

Scratch post Rondo Wall, felt cream with a cream cushion

I bought two wall mounted cream coloured Rondo beds for my cats many years ago. As you can see from the picture, the cats really loved them! Unfortunately both of the cats have passed away. But last weekend two new Siamese kittens came to live with us. I would love for them to be able to use the Rondo beds, but I need to replace the cushions entirely, not just the cushion covers. Is that possible? Answer: Yes that is possible, the cushion can be ordered.

Laika from Unna/Germany

Divan Quattro medium grey/graphite/violet, 80 x 100 cm

Thanks again for the fast shipping. We really love the dog pillow! Here is a photo of Laika, on their new favorite place ;-)

Mr. Miou from Unna/Germany

Bowl leather black, cushion color violet, 75 x 75 cm

Please find attached Mr Miou so relaxed and fast asleep in the cat bed and Miss Missy having a sneaky 5 mins in Mr Milou's bed while he is away!
The bowl was intended for Mr Milou, but at present she is so fixed on her Mr Milou, what he does she copies, where he goes she will follow, if Mr Milou is aslepp in the bowl, she will lie next to the bowl and sleep. It is better than TV.

Camino from Berlin/Germany

Camino from Berlin/Germany

Arena cat basket wicker nature, cushion color cream

This is Camino my Ragdoll male cat. Many thanks for the great handling and a perfect product. I will recommend you further! :-)

Pretty dog from Kronenberg/Germany

Pretty dog from Kronenberg/Germany

Divan Cinque medium grey/violet , 80 x 100 cm

The dog bed has arrived and we really like! Thank you very much!

Carlos & BelAmi from Stutensee/Germany

Rondo, felt and scratching cover antracite, cushion medium grey

Here are a few pictures to make you smile, the cat bed was equal sequestrated and the male cats Carlos (blue) and BelAmi (purple) feel very well what you can see, too;-)

Yari & Yuma from Switzerland

Yari & Yuma from Switzerland

Divan Tre ø 70 cm, caramel/dark brown/pea green

Here are pictures of my two Norwegian Forest cats, showing that the Divan Tre can be used for two :-)

Porkchop & Lambchop from Los Angeles/USA

Bowl fauxleather white, cushion color caramel

The spectacular dog bed arrived today.  We're so thrilled with it, i'm ordering another one (same colors) for the upstairs.  

Thanks again!

Sky from Mailand/Italy

Sky from Mailand/Italy

Dog bed with pillow Lounge Trend graphite/medium grey

Dear pet-interiors,
I have now received your beautiful dog cushion. Sky loves it! I send you a picture. Thanks!!

Frost from Netherland

Rondo Stand leather black cushion violet, scratch cover

Now already a feedback, I received the cat bed today and not unpacked yet.....

I think I need 2!

Thanks for the fast delivery!

Wilma from Austria

Paul, faux leather taupe, dog blanket violet.

Wilma enjoys her new dog bed!

Juma from St. Gallen, Switzerland

Juma from St. Gallen, Switzerland

Marie dark brown with a zipper in cream.

About 2 months ago i ordered the two dog beds Divan Marie.

We are very pleased with the pet beds! Thank you very much.

We have attached a photo of our (still) little JUMA.

Ricky & Ginger from Reithofen/Germany

Siro Twist with a cushion in graphite.

The new cat basket arrived and is now already tested. Male cat Ricky could be the first in the pet bed, he is also the big boss of the house...
Best regards and thank you for your good service!
We test the pet bed first without the little extra cushion. Probably it is more comfortable with the cushions, but i like the cat bed without a little more...

Ginger & Blake from Reithofen/Germany

Harry out of red felt with a cream cushion.

Male cat Blake shares his cat bed Harry happy with his little girlfriend Ginger. But now got the two and their four-legged friends are two other lovely pet baskets from Pet-Interiors.

Thank you for the quick delivery and the good quality of the pet beds.

Irwyn from Lasne/Belgium

Mary light grey with a violet zipper

Irwyn du Mont des Croisettes, a nine mounth old Beauceron, is very happy on his orthopedic pet bed.

Irwyn from Lasne/Belgium

Bowl out of white faux leather and a violet cushion

Irwyn du Mont des Croisettes, the nine mounth old Beauceron, loves his new pet bed!

Skruff from Chicago/USA

Bowl Felt light grey, cushion light blue

I just received the cat bed yesterday and my cat (Skruff) took to it right away. Thanks again!

Sophie female cat from Neu-Anspach/Germany

Divan Due cat bed color graphite/violet, size 80 x 100 cm

The cat cushion is really great. Sophie did love it from the first moment. She did not really understand, that she can also hide in here new cat bed, but that is yet to come.

Kaspar male cat from Vienna/Austria

Rondo Wall cushion violet scratch cover medium grey

The Rondo Wall cat bed was mounted yesterday. Here is the result: male cat Kaspar loves and use his new cat basket.

Fly female Havaneser from Germany

Fly female Havaneser from Germany

Crown in Felt anthracite, cushion color red

The pet bed has been well received. Luckily, it was assumed by Fly. First, although very skeptical - maybe the dog basket bites!?, but then, with increasing relaxation, used for a little nap.

See photo, Fly with the new dog bed.

Kind regards to Bavaria.

Kolja & Jule from Düsseldorf/Germany

Bowl Felt in pea green, cushion color medium grey

Male cat Kolya and feline Jule are delighted with their second cat bed. Your pet furniture are captivating with purism, functionality and high quality. In order to stand out well from the market and i would like to inform you gladly on this.
The black male cat is Kolja, Jule is the grey tiger female cat, a mix from Norwegian Forest Cat and Somali.

Boccojo from Bebra-Weitenrode/Germany

Divan UNO color cream, size 100 x 120 cm

We just have the dog bed a few days and it happens more and more, that i have a lot of space on my sofa. My "little one" loves his dog cushion. We both are delighted.

Nougat Beausoleil/France

Siro Twist, custom color sahara, cushion color cream

I send you a picture of our pug Nougat and his wonderful new dog basket :-)

Hope you enjoy it!

Agnes & Roo New York/USA

Rondo Stand in felt medium grey, cushion graphite

Well, they both love the cat basket, just not together inside apparently.

It's a hit.

Thank you!

Male cat Paul from Hamburg/Germany

Arena in felt red, cushion color cream

Our male cat Paul loves his new cat bed. The small felt Arena is right next to our bed in the bedroom. Now Paul has finally his own cat bed for cuddling.

Male cat Merlin from Austria

Bowl in white leather, cushion color pea green

I want to thank you for the just arrived cat basket. My 18 years old male cat Merlin is very happy and he is not willing to leave the new cat bed.

Male cat Merlin is one of the three winners from the Catsan kitten quiz.


Divan with head pillow, color caramel

Many thanks for this beautiful dog cushion with the head pillow. Lillith feel very comfortable and will still "grow into".

Kind regards from Berlin!

three Cats

Bowl in felt anthracite, cushion color cream

The pet beds arrived well - all three cats have already tested it and slept in the new cat beds. The cat furniture are looking really great! Especially the little felt cats are very popular as toys. Many thanks and kind regards!


Divan Uno in pea green, size 70 x 90 cm

This is Emmi's second dog bed. She loves it just like their first Bowl dog basket.

Icy male cat, Philadelphia/USA

Bowl out of felt in light grey, cushion anthracite

Until two weeks ago my husband and I agreed that the time for new cats has not come yet.... until the two kittens (sorry, we can publish only one picture) crossed our path. We have seen them last week at a pet aid. Now Icy and Socky, 9 weeks old, live with us in Philadelphia.
They love the cat furniture of our old cat Moritz, even if it is still a little bit too big for them:-)

Ulle male Dachshund from Switzerland

Arena out of felt in anthracite, cushion medium grey

Our Dachshund loves his new dog basket!

Many thanks!

Miss Josephine female Dachshund lives in France

Miss Josephine female Dachshund lives in France

Nook out of felt in light grey, cushion medium grey

As promised, please find attached photograph of her happily relaxing in the dog bed.
Thank you for your great home design ideas for pets.

Archie from Australia

Bowl out of brown leather, cushion colour cream

Archie in his beautiful design cat bed!

Two cats from Vienna/Austria

Rondo Stand in felt cream, cushion light blue

The acceptance of the beautiful cat bed is great!

Mieze from Berlin/Germany

Arena out of felt in anthracite, cushion cream

Mieze in her new cat bed. Now we are waiting for a call from Hollywood.

Basse from France

Bowl out of red felt, cushion color graphite

Basse in her new dog bed. Thank you so much for making her nights so comfy.

Josephine live in Le Blanc/France

Bowl out of light grey felt, cushion medium grey

Good Evening,
I recently purchased one of your dog beds of which I am thrilled with. The dog basket is stylish and comfortable and as the attached photograph demonstrates my miniature dachshund Josephine agrees too.
Thank you for your super product and I will have no hesitation in purchasing another one in a different colour soon.
With thanks.



Arena wicker, cushion color creme

Here are some pictures from the new cat bed, taken just now. Mauri is as ALWAYS in it, since the cat basket has come into the house.

Two cats

Arena felt in anthracite, cushion color creme

For a long time i wanted to show that the new cat basket is very much loved, especially in the winter time. And perhaps also because the heating pipes run underneath the cat bed :-)

The picture speaks for itself.


Rondo Stand out of grey felt with a red cushion

Thanks for the fast delivery. Your website shows, that high-quality products can be sold on the internet.

Good luck!

Ituma from Genf/Switzerland

Divan Quattro with a head rest

My dog Ituma, is very happy with his new dog bed... although he has to grow a little bit more. That's why I ordered another one for our mountain house.

I am very happy with your dog cushions.

Halvar & Gavain

Halvar & Gavain

Crown in red felt with violet cushion

Here the first picture from the very popular cat bed of our two five month old Russian Blue Tomcats. Rollick under the petals of this cat basket is a real hit for Halvar and Gavain.

Many thanks for this great design idea.

Boss from Israel

Peter, faux leather nougat/red

The memory foam bed for Boss arrived! From the first sight, I can see it is very different from the other dog beds on the market.  It looks very nice, but very big too, though this is the right size for him, now. To get on and off the dog bed seems easier too, as he has access to it from all sides, because there aren't any plastic borders like in his previous basket. Well seeing all this is like a ray of sun in those difficult times, we are going trough. Shalom

Kleine weiße Katze from Ingolstadt/Germany

Kleine weiße Katze from Ingolstadt/Germany

Crown in felt cream and dark brown cushion

The new Crown cat basket owner.....


Divan Uno in graphite, size 80 x 100 cm

Dear Mrs. Meyer,

Many thanks! The dog cushion arrived today. We took the photo 30 seconds after unpacking. Now we are looking forward to the Bowl dog basket.

Best regards!

Stubentiger from Niederrhein/Germany

Bowl in pea green felt with a violet cushion

As you can see, the old cat basket is just uninteresting....


Divan Uno in graphite, size 90 x 90 cm

Here the first picture of Max, a spanish street dog, on his new Divan dog cushion.
With its 10 years, Max is no longer fresh as a daisy, but still a looker.

Alfred from Ostfriesland/Germany

Arena out of red felt with a graphite cushion

Our Belgian sheep dog Alfred does not waive his new dog bed Arena out of felt in the garden.

Paula from Wörthsee/Germany

Divan with pillow in medium grey

Paula has a dog cushion with an extra pillow at my daughter's house. The Divan cushion is so wonderful that I also decided to buy one.

Thanks again.....

Juli from Rheinland Pfalz/Germany

Divan in pea green, size 90 x 90 cm

Thank you very much for the replacement cover. This one is exactly like I imagined.... very nice and our female dog Juli commandeered his new dog bed in less than a minute. Our Juli is a German Pinscher who loves her comfort. The dog cushion is cosy and because of that she accepted it straightaway.
Thanks again.....

Mika from Nuremberg/Germany

Divan Due in medium grey and red

Monster Mika did not recognize all the capabilities of the new cat cushion right now. But she will get it one day....

Yani & Gigi from Luxembourg/Luxembourg

Siro Twist in silver grey with graphite cushion

Thank you for the fast delivery of the pretty Siro cat basket. Ragdoll male cat Yani (1 year old) helps me to unpack the cat bed, very funny! Thank you too for the felt toy. Yani and Gigi take full use of. We are very keen of the new Siro cat basket. Until now, only the Ragdoll female cat Gigi (1 1/2 years old) uses it. She still lies in it and chills. Yani, to whom the basket was intended to be, does only a little lying test until now.

Lotta from Darmstadt/Germany

Divan in pea green

The unequivocal evidence, that the divan dog cushion is occupied with pleasure.

Juma from Fellbach/Germany

Divan in graphite, size 90 x 90 cm

Little Juma loves his new dog bed and sleeps very well on it.

Fahari from Gera/Germany

Rondo Wall wicker, cushion cream, scratch cover anthracite

It was a real need of mine to leave a few personal words on this site. And even though those aren't my original words I don't know how to better express myself than using Rainer Maria Rilkes words: LIFE AND SHARING IT WITH A CAT,RESULTS IN AN INCREDIBLE RICHNESS.And you can spend at least one cat life with this perfect sleep - climb - scratch cat basket in style and it is anything but boring.

Many thanks for it.

Funny from Tuttlingen/Germany

Divan Uno in graphite, size 70 x 70 cm

The dog cushion arrived just this moment. It is gorgeous and Funny lies on it already.

Many thanks!

Three in the Rondo

Cat furniture Rondo Stand felt light grey, cushion pea green

I like to send the promised pictures of the initiation of the cat furniture Rondo now. It took less than two minutes till the cats conquered the cat bed Rondo and enjoyed it. We tested both variations, open and closed at backside. They like both options. And, as you can see, on top is a very good place, too. So, it is all around a neat christmas present, that we like to suggest to other cat owners. We wish a successful and happy new year to you and your husband!


Divan Uno in medium grey, size 80 x 100 cm

Dear Mrs. Meyer,
dear Mr. Meyer,

we wish you a happy new year from the Divan cat bed!

Kind regards from Basel


Birdee & Niti from Basel/Switzerland

Rondo Stand wicker, cushion medium grey

Dear Family Meyer,

we wish you a happy new year from the Rondo Stand cat scratcher!

Kind regards Birdee & Niti

Silver & Zoe & Neo

Bowl out of light grey felt, cushion creme

Over 4 years we have our Bowl cat bed and it is still dearly beloved from our 3 cats Silver, Zoe und Neo. They use it every day in all possible laying positions:-)
Many thanks for your great pet product!
We wish you a perfect start and a happy new year!

Monty & Sina

Divan Quattro in graphite/medium grey/red

Many thanks for the perfect dog pillow. We are all very excited! Our Parson Russel Terriers love that its cosy and soft and they snuggle into the deep end of the pillow. This is the perfect dog cushion for the two. We unpacked the dog bed and it took less than 5 minutes for the first dog to lay on it. As you can see on the pictures, both dogs lay on it with pleasure. But our male dog Monty wants it most of the time.

Black Swan River British Shorthair Cat

Black Swan River British Shorthair Cat

Arena in wicker and cream cushion

We love the new cat bed! The best what i ever bought for my cats;-)


Bowl in felt light grey and graphite cushion

Hello! Sure, you can use the pictures. Emmi accepted the new dog bed immediately and sleept till all hours.
We are quite satisfied!


Divan Due, color graphite/violet

The dog cushion arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much for the quick delivery! As you can see my Ursi loves it and barely ever leaves it. It is really a wonderfull dog bed. Good quality, the colour combination is great, and it is extremely comfortable. That's what a happy dog looks like who's laying on "luxurious latex".



Divan Tre in red/medium grey/creme

Nayla enjoys her new dog bed obviously...


Divan Uno in medium grey

The Divan dog cushion is great!

Eldorado from Switzerland

Siro Twist in silver grey with cream cushion

Hi to everybody, many thanks for the terrific cat beds (also perfect for big cats) and the fast service. As you can see, our cats love their new pet beds.

Kind regards from switzerland!


Siro Twist in silver grey with cream cushion

Grüezi mitenand, many thanks for the wonderful cat basket and the very fast service. As you can see, the pet bed fits also for big cats and ours love their new cat bed very much.

Greetings from switzerland!

Female Half-Breed

Arena in felt light grey, cushion in color graphite

The dogs lie with pleasure on their pet beds and in their baskets. The filling of the dog cushions are really pleasant for the dogs.

Female Dachshund

Siro Twist in silver grey and graphite cushion

It is also a great pleasure for me to see, how my dogs loves to lie on their pet beds. Even my 15 years old Jack Russel loves it, although she is not easy to inspire of new dog beds. At the moment i have to hide the back cushions of the siro twist. My Poodle whelp drag off the back cushions and think she did a big prey. But in a while, hopping, my Poodle Lady will be on one's good behavior.

Female Poodle

Female Poodle

Stone in color graphite

The ortopedic filling of the dog cushions are really comfortable and the dogs lie with enjoyment on their new ped beds.

Female Poodle

Female Poodle

Rocco in color graphite

The ortopedic filling of the dog cushions are really comfortable and the dogs lie with enjoyment on their new ped beds.

William Maximilian Lord of Kerry

Cube in white leather, size 90 x 90 cm

Dear family Meyer,

the pet bed has arrived and it is beautyfull!!!

Thank you and see you soon.


Divan Uno creme, custom size 60 x 70 cm

The cat bed arrived today, it looks really nice and feels very comfortable. I am very happy. Our male cat, 11 years old, has tried it, slept on it and it looks really cute: plump old cat on a thick cloud. He looks very relaxed on the cat bed. Thanks for the fast delivery and for the opportunity to order the custom size pet bed. It is always occupied by one of our four cats. Lucy has recently prefer to dispense with the food. The cat bed is a great success!

Birdee & Niti from Bern/Switzerland

Rondo Stand out of wicker with a medium grey cushion

As you can see, the cat scratcher is well-liked by our cats.

Maybe you will design a double decker one day....?

Moritz from Munich/Germany

Bowl felt light grey, cushion medium grey

As you can see on the picture our Moritz (now already 19 years old) still loves his pet bed (used since 5 years) and he used it every day since the last five years. Since we are moving to the US we ordered a new cat bed for him!

Ekhaya from Coburg/Germany

Custom size Lounge in medium grey

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback loves his dog cushion above all.

A picture is worth 1000 words...



Divan Tre in red/medium grey/cream

Your dog cushions are a dream and fit almost 100% to our furnishings! Our guest dog "Marley" loves the pet bed absolutely. Our she dog Lucy has to chum up first.

It looks very good as the dog lies on his dog bed (i'm almost jealous;-)

Miss Molly Moo Perth, Australien

Rondo felt pea green, cushion cream

We received our Rondo cat scratcher today! (finally) Woohoo

Very excited & love it, it was so well packed & looks amazing in our house, but most important "Miss Molly Moo" loves it...

it's an wonderful cat furniture, so well made so

I would like to thank you again for everything & we look forward to buying from you again :)

Shelby from Bad Tölz/Germany

Rondo Stand felt cream, cushion cream

Everyday I wake up and look directly at my Rondo Stand where my wonderful cat Shelby sleeps. Shelby loves her pet bed, she sleeps there all rolled up and it looks very comfortable!!!

We have now found the ultimate cat bed......

Bari from Würzburg/Germany

Divan Tre in dark brown/caramel/ pea green

Our Bari comes from a spanish dog killing station. She is very cautious with new things. The photo is done one hour after the new pet cushion was delivered. More is not to say...

Brauner Labrador from Netherland

Bowl out of light grey felt, cushion medium grey

The Bowl pet bed is wonderful. He sleeps a lot in it, and can not eat it. The old one was made from reed, and he eats a lot of it, so I'm glad he can not eat the felt now. I send you hereby a picture from him in the dog bed, as you can see he is not small anymore, 6 months now and he is a big bear now.

Lilly from Rosenheim/Germany

Arena out of light grey felt with a cream cushion, size 55 x 65 cm

The Arena arrives yesterday. I clear the old pet bed away and range the new one. I am totally keen, i like it very much and it looks great in my home. But more important is, that my cats chummed up with the new basket.
However, for two big cats it will be a little closely.
At the moment, the chief Lilly enthroned alone on the cat bed, the litte Naomi be chase away, but certainly i think they will arrange.

Lara from Tuttlingen/Germany

Lara from Tuttlingen/Germany

Arena in wicker, color of the cushion cream

Our Miniature Schnauzer Lara (Larissa from Auental) loves her new dog basket and pounced it immediately. The new pet bed is absolutely perfect and looks wonderful.  
Thank you so much!

Ridge from Munich/Germany

Divan Uno in pea green, size 100 x 100 cm

After trying a lot of dog beds, who all worn out in a short time, we found your Divan cushion.
After using the dog bed now for already several months, the quality is still perfect and our Ridgeback is always blissful whenever he lays on it. He loves his pet bed a lot.

I carry on a dog sitting company in Munich and I recommend this dog bed a lot.

Kater Fin

Rondo Stand in wicker with a red cushion

We would like to give our foundling tomcat Fin, a one year old Norwegian forest cat, a nice home. We got him the cat scratcher Rondo Wicker which perfectly matches our Rattansofa. As you can see he does love his new pet bed a lot. So Fin and his owner are very happy!

Amy from Hamburg/Germany

Divan in red, size 100 x 120 cm

I finally have the picture of Amy in her new pet bed as promised. The picture was taken half an hour after we got the package. A big success! There's only one problem: The senior chief also loves the dog cushion.

Chicca from Lichtenfels/Germany

Divan in graphite, size 100 x 120 cm

Here some snuggle impressions from the new dog cushion. Chicca love the new pet bed and feels very well in every position. The materials are really terrific.

Miominn Brighton/Great Britain

Rondo Stand leather brown cushion creme

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Thank you very much for this fantastic cat scratcher!

Hauskatze from Lahr/Germany

Rondo Stand feltro grigio medio, cuscino grafite

The fears of contact at first with the new scratching post are overcome. As you can see, the cat and the pet bed are approaching, and we think it stays that way.

Siamkatze Vienna/Austria

Arena in cream felt and cushion in graphite

A picture is worth a thousand words?..
We are very happy with our new pet bed. Our cat honor it without a big mew. Now it is the favor sleeping place.
The cleaning of the cat bed is absolutely no problem, because of the wonderful washable and removable cushion cover.

Penitti Lathi/Finland

Bowl in red felt and cushion in cream

Our cat likes the new pet bed very much and we like it's design.

So yes, positive feedback indeed!

Bowie from Geel/Belgium, ten month later

Bowl out of medium grey felt, cushion


I am indeed very happy with the Bowl ped bed. And I think my cat, Bowie, is also very pleased with it. He really likes to sleep in it, or just laying in it doing nothing. I can't think of any negative points for this fantastic looking pet furniture. I also got very positive feedback from my friends when the saw the basket for the first time. I am also pleased with the fact that the picture of Bowie is still on your website. Thanks.

Lycra from Brüssel/Belgium

Lycra from Brüssel/Belgium

Crown felt red and and cushion graphite

We have received the crown pet bed within very reasonable timing. We read that our kitten would never go or sleep in a cat bed, whatever it looked like. Fortunately our Lycra slept from the first day in her basket and even plays with it?s petals ;-) It is not only a cat bed, it is a wonderful design object that fits perfectly with our modern interior. We have only words of gratitude and pleasure for this wonderful product of yours! Thank you very much.

Skippy & Clousseau Fürth/Germany

Bowl felt in anthracite, cushion color creme

Oh yes! The Bowl pet bed is very popular! Skippy and Clousseau love it. The cat bed invites the two for snuggling and sleeping - you can see it on the picture!

Black & White two cats from Utrecht/Netherland

Rondo Stand in felt light grey, cushion cream

We are still very happy with our rondo pet bed. We love the product and we especially love the fact that we have a scratching post that fits the rest of our interior. Our cats are also very happy with the rondo, see picture.

Lilli & Casper Berlin/Germany

Rondo Stand out of wicker with a graphite cushion

The blank something with the green eyes is Lilli. She love black and the Rondo scratching post.
And the other tearaway is Casper (no picture) loves to crumple things - so he crumple his new pet bed as well.

Cass Neusiedel am See/Austria

Bowl in felt medium grey, cushion color graphite

Here is a picture for your reverence site, because the satisfied faces of the site convinced me to buy the pet bed. Here is the evidence foto from our dog cass. She enjoys her naps now still more. It is a really very beautiful dog bed in a perfect quality, that pleased the dog and me.
Many thanks!

Guri & Louie Luxembourg

Bowl out of white leather with a graphite cushion

The packages arrived yesterday, today it looks like the pet furniture as always stand here. Guri is norwegian forest cat, 4 years old. She found here new home in the Bowl pet bed. Louie is a foundling from France, 6 years old, half persian cat, half wild cat. She prefer the pet product Crown. All told i am very satisfied.

Vizsla Motek from Berlin/Germany

Bowl out of red felt with a graphite cushion

Here the first snapshots from our Vizsla Motek in his red-green dog bed. He feels very well, several the malleable material of the dog cushion is wonderfull, the pet cushion nestle against the dogs body. The pet bed Bowl for the day, the dog pillow Divan for the night, a perfect combination! And it looks really handsome. Finally a dog basket - even without a dog - a feast for the eyes. Kind regards and a lot of success further on!

Charlie Oberwil/Switzerland

Rondo Stand in black leather, cushion pea green

We wanted to tell you for a while now that our tomcat Charlie really enjoys his scratch post Rondo. He loves to supervise everything from his look-out. It is such a beautiful product that we bought from you - merci. The pet bed Crown is ready for the arrival of Charlie's sister and we think she will love it too. We are more than happy and we will recommend your business.

Golden Retriever Einstein of Rough Diamond

Divan Uno in graphite, size 100 x 100 cm

Hello, my name is Einstein, i'm a little Golden Retriever whelp and out of the Kennel "Rough Diamond". My birthday is the 18th of June 2009 and i live since one week at my new family. They are coddling me a lot and i'm feeling quiet comfortably here .

Kind regards Einstein

p.s.: my new dog cushion is really wonderfull!

Lily and a Norwegian male cat

Lily and a Norwegian male cat

Bowl wicker, custom size ø 70 cm

You can see here, that the pet bed does very well and even Lily, who is rather delicate, is streching her legs with pleasure.

Once more, many thanks for your great support!

Bowie from Geel/Belgium

Bowl out of medium grey felt, cushion in graphite

Here's a picture of Bowie, my 3 months old British Shorthair in his pet bed. It only took him 4 days to get used to his wonderful and beautiful cat bed. Now it's his favourite place to sleep.

Four little Havanese

Four little Havanese

Starlett felt cream, cushion color graphite

The four little Havaneser whelps are from the kennel "Amorsito Lindo" from Mrs. Piendl-Alt and they are just four weeks young. The translation of the kennelname means "cute honey". The little Havaneser feel very well in their new cosy pet bed.


Rondo Stand felt light grey, cushion graphite

We are very pleased by the two pet beds... even if the stubborn cat diverts the item from its intended use.

The pet bed Bowl is to play and fight ....the scratching post Rondo is used as a lookout point for the garden.

Bluna from Ostfilden/Germany

Cat toy out of felt in pea green and cream

Bluna still is a little bit shy with the new felt cat.

Purebred Cat

Rondo Wall, felt cream with a medium grey cushion

At the new cat scratcher: cat joy is human joy.....

Purebred Cat

Rondo Wall felt cream, cushion medium grey

Great joy in the new scratching post!


Bowl out of red felt with a cream cushion

Jacob was appearantly really comfortable and likes to cuddle in his new pet bed.

Weimaraner female dog

Divan Uno in cream, size 100 x 120 cm

Our Weimaraner she dog with 4 kitten lying on the new pet bed. Marvellously!

Weimaraner female dog

Divan Uno in graphite, size 100 x 120 cm

The Weimaraner and the owner are very pleased by the new dog bed, thank you!

4 Norwegian Forest Kittens

Three Rondo Wall in wicker and a cushion in cream

Kitten and Owner are very pleased of the new kitten bed, thank you!

Troll from Witten/Germany

Troll from Witten/Germany

Crown out of light grey felt and with a graphit cushion

After a few initial acts of defiance - I don't want to use this, where is my old place? - Troll doesn't seem to be able to resist his cat bed, his new favorite spot only a few weeks later.

Periwinkle & Timor from Nevada/USA

Periwinkle & Timor from Nevada/USA

Crown in red felt with red cushion

The pet bed is wonderfull and they are loving it!

Areeza from Mettmann/Germany

Arena felt in light grey, cushion graphite

Hello, here some snuggle impressions from the new dog bed. The materials are really terrific. Our dog, a Irish Terrier feels very well in every position.

Maverick & Clea from California, USA

Rondo Wall in wicker and cushion color cream

Our kitties love the new cat bed, as you can see from some shots I took last month.

Thanks for producing such a great pet furniture.

Maverick & Clea from California, USA

Rondo Wall out of leather and cream cushion

Here are some shots I took last month. As you can see, my two little kitties love the cat bed.

Thanks for producing such a great pet product.

Rossini and Verdi

Rossini and Verdi

Crown out of cream felt and a cream cushion

I just send you pictures of Rossini and Verdi, some 14 weeks old British Shorthair Kitten, in their new pet bed Crown.


Rondo, felt and cushion cream

He loves his pet bed and we do too! Yes you can use the picture...
Speedy can then have his 15 minutes of fame.

Fritz from Niedernhausen/Germany

Fritz from Niedernhausen/Germany

Crown in red felt, cushion color graphite

Fritz is a 6 year old charming and delightful male cat and we picked him up from an animal shelter. Since 5 weeks he is living with us in the old engine house. We bought the pet bed Crown in felt to sweeten the time till he can take his first stroll outside. He loves the cat cushion and spends a lot of time kneading it and drifting away to sleep on it? every once in a while he ends up burying his toy-mouse in it.

Lara und Miró from Berlin/Germany

Rondo Wall, felt cream, cushion red and graphite

The Rondos replace an old scratch post which had got broken. We have looked a long time for something nice to make all inhabitants happy. Now not only both pussies, but also we like the corner. Best of all the both are climbing the pet beds playing tag. Besides, one can hide in it well and frighten passers-by. The two Kitties love their new cat scratcher. Everything is accepted well, all are enthusiastic and the scratch covers are really required.

Jamie und Joey from Greifensee/Germany

Jamie und Joey from Greifensee/Germany

Crown out of cream felt with a red cushion

They like to play the cat and mouse game round the pet bed Crown. One stays inside the bed and the other cat is hiding outside under the blades. They are turning in circles trying to feel each other, like a kind of training of the sense of hearing. The clou is when one of them is suddenly leaving it is hideaway and jumping into the cat bed, like onto a trampoline. This game is repeated until they are sleeping, hugging each other in the cat bed. Really nice!

Maxi and Moritz from Regensburg/Germany

Bowl out of light grey felt, cushion medium grey

The both, brother and sister, are totally enthused about their beautiful new designer cat furniture, where as the definite favourite of both is the cat bed.

There is no doubt that the both are feeling fine and so do the owners.

Maxi and Moritz from Regensburg/Germany

Rondo Wall out of wicker, cushion graphite

Brother and sister are totally enthused about the new designer pet supplies.

Max and Moritz and the owners feeling fine with the new pet bed.

Ina und Igor from


Rondo Stand in cream felt with a cream cushion

From the start the two pet beds was accepted well by both of them, on one hand for sleeping and on the other hand for playing. Above all the cat bed Crown with its frays did it to them. Because it is so large and soft they jump in it with approach, doing some saults, hiding under it and are fighting playfully. But, how you can see on the photos, both are sleeping in the cat stuff as well.

Ina und Igor fromGutenswil/Switzerland

Ina und Igor from


Crown in cream felt with cream cushion

Ina has taken possession the Crown cat bed for herself when she wants to have silence. So not only the cats have fun on the pet furnitures, but also the "Can openers" are glad about this beautiful sight.

Krabat from Dübendorf/Switzerland

Krabat from Dübendorf/Switzerland

Crown in cream felt and a cushion in cream

It did take a little while until our cats found out, that lying in the cat bed can be very comfortable. They meant it would be much more funny, to hide behind the Crown.

Sissi Honeysuckle Rose in Concert

Rondo Stand in wicker with a medium grey cushion

Special characteristics: a little shy and cautious (no big surprise with two sassy male-cats in the house), but fast as lightning if it?s about catching moths. She hunts down and spears everything on her claws what cant get away fast enough? Whenever the guys don?t pay attention, she conquers the Rondo scratching post?, unfortunately not for long though....

Heidi und Olga from Vienna/Austria

Rondo in cream felt with a cream cushion

We all have great fun with this beautifull cat furniture! Just unpacking and assambling were exciting... and even more the first inspectation!

Lady und Georgette from Buchholz/Germany

Rondo Wall out of wicker with a cream cushion

This a digital photograph of our cat Lady in the pet bed Rondo Wall. Georgette?s fur is unfortunately so black that the photos didn?t turn out good. Our cats love the scratching post ? to play and to sleep in it. And they love to scratch the felt covers. The cats are 3 year old siblings and live with us since they turned 12 weeks. Till last month we lived in a apartment in Hamburg with an ordinary scratching post.

Zsa-Zsa from Switzerland

Rondo Stand, felt and cushion color cream

The very first night she slept in the new pet bed. Now my luxury cats have something new and the "can opener" has fun on this, too.

Charly from Oberhausen/Germany

Rondo Wall in wicker, cushion color light blue

Some details of Tiger: his name is Charly, but everbody calls him Tiger. He is 7 years old and within the family since he was a baby. He is a real pussycat whose favourite business is being pampered by his human family.

Charly from Oberhausen/Germany

Rondo Wall in wicker with cushion color light blue

Like you can see on the pictures, the cat beds are placed in different heights and are leading up like a stair to the popular viewpoint on top of the cupboard.

Heidi und Olga from Vienna/Austria

Rondo, felt and cushion cream

The assambling and unpacking were just exciting! Even more the first visit! We all love the beautiful cat bed and have great fun with it!

Jambo & Elvis Britisch Shorthair live in Colone/Germany

Rondo Stand in wicker with a light blue cushion

Jambo: Special characteristics: he talks sometimes without a pause. He has to commend pretty much everything; he also welcomes you with throwing himself on his back starting to purr! Jambo loves to fight with the TV program guide and tears it in little pieces. And: He claims the absolute ownership of the Rondo pet furniture and had to test it even though it wasn?t assembled yet! Elvis: He always tries to get into the Rondo pet bed but Jambo is usually faster.

Kishewa from Hamburg/Germany

Rondo Stand in felt medium grey, cushion graphite

Kishewa, a Abessinier Sorrel female cat, is pampered with two pet beds.

Kishewa from Hamburg/Germany

Kishewa from Hamburg/Germany

Crown in felt light grey and a cushion in graphite

Kishewa, a Abessinier Sorrel female cat, was regaled with two pet products out of the pet-interiors collection.

Piuma from Algersdorf/Germany

Piuma from Algersdorf/Germany

Crown out of red felt with a red cushion

Piuma - the feather - explores her new pet bed and environment!

Frau Schmitt our Inspiration

Cat scratcher Rondo Stand Crochet with a light blue cushion

We were looking on ourselves for handsome pet products which would suite "Mrs. Schmitt" our beautiful cat, but we could find nothing suitable at all. Therefore we decided to design some special cat furtniture and found some handcrafters to realise our ideas. Mrs. Schmitt and all of us were so pleased with the results that we decided to found the company to offer these exceptional pet supplies to the public.