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Felt cat bed NOOK

Felt cat bed NOOK

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Handmade in Germany by pet-interiors

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This puristic felt cat bed is appreciated for its clear lines.

This triangular felt cat bed NOOK with the comfortable cushion blend in perfectly with their surroundings. The comfortable cat pillow has a high-end latex filling specifically developed and optimized for cats and dogs. Sweet cat dreams are guaranteed!

Size: lying surface ca. ø 55 cm, basket dimensions 70 x 70 x 70 cm, height 20 cm
Size: lying surface ca. ø 70 cm, basket dimensions 85 x 85 x 85 cm, height 25 cm
Material cat basket: 100% felt
Cushion cover fleece: cozy & warming, washable
Cushion cover cotton: durable & cooling, easy clean, washable
Cushion cover velour: cozy & durable, easy clean, washable
Inner cushion filling: orthopaedic 100% high quality latex cushion, mite resistant, washable
Inner cushion cover: 100% cotton
Ready to ship within 2-5 business days.
5-year guarantee on the pillow filling
Customized size on request Material samples for the felt cat bed NOOK on request

Felt: Soiling can be rubbed off with a damp cloth and neutral soap.
Hair is best removed with the upholstery brush of the vacuum cleaner.
All cushion covers have a zipper, are machine washable at 30° and suitable for tumble drying.
Cushions & filling: washable at 30° in the washing machine

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Wool Felt
Wool-felt in trendy colors: cream, light grey, green, red, brown, anthracite
Fleece cushion covers
Fleece color picker, many stylish colors, PET plastic recycling
Cotton cushion covers
cotton canvas color picker, hardwearing pure cotton fabric for upholstery use


Triangle Shaped Felt Cat Basket Bed Cat Bed out of Felt


Cat beds - At pet-interiors, cat dreams come true.

Domestic cats spend a large part of their time resting. Sleep is a fundamental need for all animals. During the deep sleep phase, the brain processes experiences and establishes new nerve connections. Cats divide the day into different sleeping and waking phases. They doze for 11-15 hours a day and spend about four hours in deep sleep. Every cat household should have several quiet sleeping and retreat areas. Cats love to be cosy and feel safe and protected in a cosy cat bed. Your cat is guaranteed to find the right cat bed with us!

A cat basket offers your cat its own place of retreat.

The wool felt cat basket is the perfect place for your cat to relax, rest and hide away.
It is guaranteed to quickly become your cat's favourite place to sleep.

How do I clean the cat basket?

Cats are very clean animals, so the cat basket should be easy to clean. Cat baskets with washable and removable covers are ideal. This means that the cat bed can be cleaned quickly and easily in the washing machine. Your cat will be delighted with a clean and fragrant bed. It is important to avoid fragrance-intensive or aggressive cleaners, as these can disrupt a cat's sense of smell. If the litter tray is just full of hair, the dirt can simply be roughly removed with a hoover or brush.

When buying a cat basket, it is important to pay attention to quality, material and size.
With the basket from pet-interiors, you can be sure that your cat has a cosy and safe place to retreat to. The size of the basket is generously designed so that your cat feels comfortable in it.
A cat can usually get used to a new basket quickly by simply providing it.
To find the ideal place for the cat basket, we recommend looking at the places where the cat spends the most time or has already marked out a sleeping spot. The decision on the exact location and placement of the cat basket should be made individually to meet your cat's needs.