Awarded Cat Bed Design by pet-interiors

Do you love cats and great design?

Are you looking for cat furniture that meets your requirements? Then pet-interiors is the right place for you. We design cat furniture under the premise: Design is a must. Just ask Gisela! Our designer team's discerning cat lady was immediately enthusiastic about her own cosy cat bed.


  • Chic design - why does cat furniture have to be ugly?

  • High quality - pet-interiors uses hard-wearing and durable materials.

  • Made in Germany - not mass-produced goods from the assembly line, but a handmade design object!

  • Ergonomics - orthopaedists recommend point-elastic pillows and mattresses.

  • Replacement covers with replacement guarantee - all cushion covers are removable and machine washable.

  • Free shipping - delivery within the European Union is free of charge.


About us:

What do you get when an interior designer and a master seamstress think about your cat's bed?

The result is wonderfully design-orientated cat baskets, perfectly crafted with the highest quality materials that make every cat's heart beat faster. And because the joy of seeing how comfortable the cat feels in the design objects is so incredibly great, a whole collection is developed.

In addition to focussing on craftsmanship, we are open to new manufacturing techniques and produce the first 3D printed cat beds in a respectable size.


Handmade in Upper Franconia / Bavaria:

The name pet-interiors now stands for longevity and the highest quality. All products are still made by hand in the local family-run factory in Lichtenfels.

Our team is made up of professionals who have learnt their trade from the ground up and who carry out their work with great attention to detail and passion.

The focus of our cat beds is on ergonomic comfort. That's why all baskets and beds are equipped with our special latex filling.


The best, long-lasting quality since 2005:

We maintain high quality standards in our tailoring department and only use highly durable fabrics that have been developed for the upholstered furniture industry.

We source our fabrics from leading manufacturers, they are hard-wearing and tested with high abrasion resistance. They are also cosy and soft to make them comfortable for your cat. This is the only way to turn the cat basket into a new favourite place to sleep. The felts are of course also made in Germany and are 100% wool.

We don't need to mention that all covers have a zip and are machine washable. Our high-quality cat beds give the impression that cat magnets have been used in the cushions, as our customers report that their cats move in immediately, usually while they are still unpacking them.


Fulfilment of customer wishes:

Thanks to our company structure, we are able to respond to customer enquiries in an uncomplicated manner.

Whether it's a request for special materials, unusual colours or special sizes, we always make every effort to fulfil all wishes.

If you want the cat bed to match your new sofa, you are also welcome to send us the matching fabric and we will use all our craftsmanship to make the cat basket of your choice.