You love animals and keen on stylish living?

Cat litter box POOPOOPEEDO

POOPOOPEEDO cat litter box

Design cat litter box from pet-interiors

Finally a cat litter box that does not have to hide.

Cushion cover Rondo

Replacement cover for RONDO Stand & Wall

Cushion cover for cat scratcher RONDO from pet-interiors

The exchange cover for your Rondo scratching tree makes cleaning very easy. Set your Rondo in scene and order a replacement cover in another color. This brings a breath of fresh air into the cat bed and the Rondo cat tree shines in a fresh design.

Cushion cover Uovo

Replacement cover for UOVO cat house

Cushion cover for cat house UOVO from pet-interiors

A second pillowcase for changing for the cat cave UOVO. With a cushion cover in the summer (cotton) or winter (fleece) version, the cat cave becomes a loving home for your baby tiger. As every owner know, cats adore a freshly covered bed.

Replacement cover Arena Felt

Replacement cover for ARENA felt pet bed

Replacement cover for cat basket ARENA from pet-interiors

From old to new: A pillow cover for changing the cat basket. It is so convenient to keep the pet basket clean. With a second cotton or fleece cover, the pet bed is freshly made and your 4-legged darling feels well again.

Pillow case Bowl Felt

Replacement cover for BOWL Felt

Pillow case for cat bed BOWL from pet-interiors

Nine magical colors are available for the pillowcase of the dog basket. Freshly covered the cat basket can be seen again. And with a summer variant in cotton and a winter alternative in fleece, dog and cat can cuddle contentedly in the basket.

Cushion cover Bowl Nido

Replacement cover for BOWL Nido

Replacement cover for dog basket BOWL from pet-interiors

Every cat loves a freshly-made cat bed! With an extra cushion cover, cleaning the cat's basket is a breeze. The clean pet basket invites to cuddle and becomes a magical place to dream.

Cushion cover Crown

Replacement cover for CROWN pet bed

Cushion cover for pet bed CROWN from pet-interiors

Cushion cover for the pet bed, because also the dogs and cats loves his bed freshly covered. Choose between the cooling summer cotton and the cuddly fleece pillow case. Your 4-legged darling will love the variety and take a nap in the newly designed pet basket.

Pillowcase cover for Credo pet basket

Replacement cover for CREDO pet bed

Pillowcase cover for pet basket CREDO from pet-interiors

With a new pillowcase fresh wind blows through the pet bed! That's luxury. High craftsmanship paired with thought-out design and high quality materials. Since 2005 we love to design products for cats and dogs.

Cushion cover Lido

Replacement cover for LIDO pet bed

Cushion cover for pet basket LIDO from pet-interiors

There are eight colors and two materials available for the cushion cover of the LIDO pet bed. The cotton cools in the summer, the cuddly fleece warms in winter time. Bring variety into the pet basket and make it comfortable for your 4legged darling.

Replacement cover Nook

Replacement cover for NOOK pet furniture

Replacement cover for pet bed NOOK from pet-interiors

Perfect sleeping comfort with a new replacement cover for the pet bed! Add a fresh, colorful accent with a trendy pillow case for the cat bed. Your little kitten will be grateful, because cats love freshly made beds.

Replacement cover Harry

Replacement cover for HARRY pet basket

Cushion cover for cat bed HARRY from pet-interiors

Replacement cover for the dog bed that your dog sleeps again as on cloud seven.

Cushion cover Siro

Replacement cover for SIRO pet baskets

Replacement cover for dog basket SIRO from pet-interiors

A new pillow cover makes turns the cat basket into a wellness oasis!

Cushion cover Mila

Replacement cover for the MILA cat products.

Cushion cover for cat basket MILA from pet-interiors

There are different pillow cases for this exclusive dog basket available.

Cushion cover Bowl Leather

Replacement cover BOWL leather

Cushion cover for dog bed BOWL from pet-interiors

With these versatile pillow cases for the cat baskets you show courage to the color.

Head pillow cover

Replacement cover for head pillow

Replacement cover for head pillow from pet-interiors

The spare cover for the dog bed is available in four sizes, nine colors and three materials.

Cushion cover Divan Uno

Replacement cover DIVAN Uno

Cushion cover for dog cushion DIVAN Uno from pet-interiors

Joy in the dog bed: A replacement cover makes the dog pillow like new again!

Cushion cover Divan Due

Replacement cover DIVAN Due

Replacement cover for cat cushion DIVAN Due from pet-interiors

Many exciting color combinations provide fresh air in the cat's pillow.

Cushion cover Divan Quattro

Replacement cover DIVAN Quattro

Cushion cover for dog bed DIVAN Quattro from pet-interiors

The replacement cover for the dog cushion is inspired by Mondrian.

Cushion cover Lounge Rose

Replacement cover LOUNGE Rose

Cushion cover for dog cushion DIVAN Rose from pet-interiors

With this pillowcase for the dog cushion you set a cheerful, extravagant statement.

Cushion cover Lounge Uni

Replacement cover LOUNGE Uni

Cushion cover for cat cushion LOUNGE Uni from pet-interiors

Dog and cat love a well-groomed animal pillow with a clean fresh cushion cover.

Dog blanket Pauline

Replacement blanket for LOUNGE Pauline

Blanket for dog bed PAULINE from pet-interiors

With this replacement blanket a new impetus is coming to the dog cushion.

Dog blanket Paul

Replacement blanket for memory foam dog bed PAUL

Blanket for dog cushion PAUL from pet-interiors

The replacement blanket is a great addition to the Paul dog bed.

Cushion cover Mary

Replacement cover Mary dog bed

Replacement cover for dog bed MARY from pet-interiors

Replacement cover in six different colours for the dog mat in cotton and microfibre.

Design cat cushion POET

Design cat bed POET for the perfect view

The design cat cushion is a cuddly place for your kitten. The cat owner can relax on it too, because the POET loosely holds a weight up to 100 kg/220 pound.

For all cats who prefer to keep a all-round view.

Cat scratcher RONDO Stand in felt

Cat bed RONDO Stand felt

Design cat scratcher RONDO Stand in felt from pet-interiors

This extraordinary scratching tree is an absolute design object.

Cat scratching tree Rondo Stand in leather

Cat bed COSMO

Exclusive cat scratching tree RONDO Stand out of leather from pet-interiors

This cat's cave in leather is an irresistible design object!

Cat scratching tree Rondo Stand in leather

Cat bed RONDO Stand Leather

Exclusive cat scratching tree RONDO Stand out of leather from pet-interiors

This cat's cave in leather is an irresistible design object!

Cat scratching post Rondo Stand in wicker

RONDO STAND Wicker cat stands

Premium cat scratching post RONDO Stand in wicker from pet-interiors

A scratching tree as a design object.

Cat scratching post Rondo Stand in wicker

RONDO STAND Crochet cat tree design at its best

Design cat scratcher RONDO Stand Crochet from pet-interiors

The ultimate design object for every cat lover!

Cat scratching tree Rondo Wall in felt

Cat bed RONDO Wall felt

Exclusive cat scratching tree RONDO Wall in felt from pet-interiors

Unlimited cat pleasure in this extraordinary cat cave.

Cat scratching post Rondo Wall in leather

RONDO WALL Leather cat tree

Exclusive cat scratching post RONDO Wall in leather from pet-interiors

A high-quality cat home in puristic design.

Cat scratcher Rondo Wall in wicker

RONDO WALL Wicker cat cave

Design cat scratcher RONDO Wall in wicker from pet-interiors

Create your own climbing landscape for your cat!

Cat house PINA

Cat House PINA

Exclusive cat house PINA in felt from pet-interiors

In the cat house Pina out of felt your cat sleeps absolutely calm and relaxed.

Cat cave BERTA

Cat house BERTA

Design cat cave BERTA in felt from pet-interiors

This cat's cave is the perfect retreat for your favorite.

Cat cave MOOD

Cat house MOOD

Stylish cat cave MOOD in felt from pet-interiors

In this stylish cat house your kitten sleeps relaxed and protected.

Cat house UOVO

UOVO cat House

Design cat house UOVO from pet-interiors

The cat house UOVO is a heavenly retreat for your little kitten.

Cat bed DIVAN Due

Cat cushion Divan DUE

Design cat bed DIVAN Due from pet-interiors

Cat cushion with integrated cat blanket with cuddling guarantee!

Cat cushion DIVAN Uno

Cat cushion Divan UNI

Premium cat cushion DIVAN Uno from pet-interiors

High end cat cushion with exceptional lying comfort.

Cat bed DIVAN Quattro

Cat cushion Divan QUATTRO

Exclusive cat bed DIVAN Quattro from pet-interiors

The high quality cat cushion is inspired by Mondrian.

Cat cushion LOUNGE Uni

Cat cushion Lounge UNO

Design cat cushion LOUNGE Uni from pet-interiors

The exclusive lounge Uni is a cat cushion to fall in love with.

Cat bed LOUNGE Rose

Cat cushion Lounge ROSE

Design cat bed LOUNGE Rose from pet-interiors

Bed your little kitten on roses: noble cat pillow Lounge Rose!

Cat bed BOOX

Cat bed BOOX

Pure Pleasure: BOOX cat bed!

Calm and comfy. Originally, this BOOX bed was only intended for dogs.

Cat bed Bloom Velours

BLOOM cat basket

Exclusive cat bed Bloom in velours from pet-interiors

A real design cat bed that convinces through its perfect workmanship! The BOWL cat basket is not only an exclusive cat basket but also a statement made out of leather! The perfect workmanship gives the dog basket the distinctive design language. With its stylish look, it appeals to anyone who appreciates longevity and sustainability.

Cat bed MILA leather

Cat basket leather MILA

Design cat bed MILA in leather from pet-interiors

The exclusive cat bed Mila is handmade with great attention to detail.

Cat basket MILA faux leather

MILA cat basket fauxleather

Design cat bed MILA in faux leather from pet-interiors

The design cat bed Mila inspires human and cat and convinces with high quality.

Cat basket leather CHESTER

Cat basket leather CHESTER

Exclusive leather cat basket, handcrafted with Love.

It is the fine details that characterize a cat bed from pet-interiors. The leather cat basket CHESTER is lovingly handcrafted with striking quilting.

Cat bed BOWL leather

BOWL cat basket in real leather

Exclusive cat bed BOWL in leather from pet-interiors

The exclusive cat bed convinces with quality and craftsmanship perfection.

Cat basket BOWL faux leather

BOWL design cat basket

Premium cat basket BOWL in faux leather from pet-interiors

The perfectly processed, exclusive cat basket is a sleeping place with a feel-good guarantee.

Cat bed SIRO Twist

Cat basket SIRO Twist

Design cat bed SIRO Twist from pet-interiors

A magic cat bed and real eyecatcher!

Cat basket SIRO Saleen

Cat basket SIRO Saleen

Exclusive cat basket SIRO Saleen from pet-interiors

The fascinating, exclusive cat bed convinces with its quality and design.

Cat bed LIDO felt

Cat basket felt LIDO

Design cat bed LIDO in felt from pet-interiors

An exclusive cat bed with clear lines and high-quality processing from pet-interiors.

Cat basket CREDO felt

Cat basket felt CREDO

High end cat basket CREDO in felt from pet-interiors

Puristic design and high-quality materials characterize this exclusive cat bed.

Cat bed NOOK

Cat basket felt NOOK

Design cat bed NOOK in felt from pet-interiors

With its high-quality workmanship and clear lines, this exclusive cat bed convinces every design lover.

Cat basket ARENA felt

ARENA felt designer cat bed

Exclusive cat basket ARENA from pet-interiors

This charming sleeping place for cats invites to cuddle and relax.

Cat basket CROWN

Cat basket felt CROWN

Exclusive cat basket CROWN in felt from pet-interiors

This exceptional cat bed invites your cat to play, hide and relax.

Cat bed BOWL felt

BOWL felt cat basket

Puristic design cat bed BOWL in felt from pet-interiors

The puristic cat bed convinces with design quality.

Cat basket BOWL Nido felt

Cat basket felt NIDO

Design cat basket BOWL Nido in felt from pet-interiors

The cat basket is a cozy nest for your kitten.

With us the classic cat tree has been served out and is replaced by the design objects Rondo Stand and Rondo Wall. A fresh wind is blowing the last sisal knocked up stuffiness out of our living rooms and cat owners can breathe at last. Your ambience is embellished with classic wool felt, soft semi-aniline leather or exotic rattan. Then the cats have been waiting for as just sensitive animals are wonderfully protected and find a quiet restful sleep in the soundproofed caves.

Even the cat baskets are capturing the spirit of the time and have received a modern look from us. Unusual shapes, colors and materials are used and have come to our charming cat beds. The pillows, lying in each cat basket, are equipped with high quality latex filling, developed and optimized for us. That supports not only the optimal position changes while sleeping, but have longevity, point elasticity and the necessary dimensional stability in addition. The fact that the filling is from absolutely low noise, makes the sleeping experience perfectly for your cat.

Our large selection of Cat Beds is legendary. Where you can choose between two different pillow variants? Your darling pet can dig a scrape to the Divan cat pillow which is wonderful to cuddle in. If your cat likes the bed rather straight and a little harder, the Lounge cushions are ideal. These cushions are pervaded by chambers that keep the latex filling in place. Additionally you will be spoiled for choice in exceptionally colorful and varied designs. And if the decision is very difficult, simply purchase a further reference for a second pillow variant. And the cat's happiness is complete!