Cat house BERTA
Cat cave out of natural felt is the ideal kitten retreat.Blissfully outlooks! The cat house BERTA is a wonderful retreat especially for those kitten, who are sensitive to noise, because the felt is a perfect sound absorber. Only a softly purr from the cat house will be heard when your cats sleep comfortably and relaxed.

Cat house MOOD
Stylish and relaxed sleeping in the cat house MOOD.The MOOD cat house is characterized by its elegant and puristic design. Great colors, a sound-absorbing felt and the comfortable latex filling of the pillow make the cat cave a perfect wellness oasis for noise-sensitive animals. Extensive purring guaranteed!

Cat house PINA
A retreat for your beloved cat of the extra class! Cuddle zone! Cat house PINA offers your favorite a dreamlike sleep and a perfect cuddle place. The protective wool felt leaves the noise of the day outside and let your kitten sleep like in paradise.

Cat house UOVO
Cat in paradise: UOVO, a elegant outdoor cat home. A magical, modern cat house for a pure pleasure! This stylish cat cave is the perfect retreat for your favorite. On the high end latex cushion lie tomcat and little cat like on cloud seven and will purr toasty to himself.

Cat scratcher BOHO
Who says, that a scratch barrel is unsightly?The BOHO scratching post is more than just a cat house. The outside and the upper surface invite to scratch and climb. The scratch barrel, equipped with our very comfortable latex cushion, is the perfect retreat for the cat and the tomcat. If the outside or the lying cushion has become unsightly after a few years, you can reorder everything. Sustainability at its best!